How to Save on Your Heating Bill

No one wants to feel a chill this winter, but sometimes your heating bill can leave you feeling downright cold. We want to help you tackle that problem with some tips that will warm your wallet with savings.

Service your furnace. Regular furnace inspections and monthly filter changes keep this vital piece of equipment working efficiently.

Have ducts inspected. Have your home’s ducts inspected and cleaned, paying special attention to any gaps in ductwork to keep heat from escaping.

Use a smart thermostat. Monitor your temperature at home or away for maximum comfort and savings. Program your thermostat to run cooler when you’re away or asleep. Plus, you might qualify for a smart home insurance discount.

Deal with drafts. Seal your windows and doors with weather stripping, caulk and/or plastic. Drafty windows do double damage by letting the warm air out and chilly winds in.

Use a humidifier. Moist air feels warmer than dry air. Adding a room humidifier adds warmth — and your skin will thank you!

Go solar. You don’t have to have solar panels to take advantage of the sun’s warmth. Open curtains to take advantage of daylight and close them at night to block out drafts.

Flip your ceiling fans. In the summer you want your ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise for a cool breeze. But, in the winter you can push warm air down by having them rotate clockwise.

Skip the exhaust fans. Did you know that the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom pull hot air out of your home? Try to make it a habit to avoid using the fans if you don’t have to in chilly months.

Snuggle up. Break out your blankets, sweaters and fuzzy socks and cuddle up with your favorite family members or furry friends. Make your own warmth and drop your thermostat a degree or two.

Hibernate. Settle in a few main rooms and close up unused ones. Make sure you remember to pull curtains, close vents and place draft blockers at the base of closed doors.

Move your furniture. If you have furniture that sits in front of heating vents, it’s time to redecorate — at least for the season. Your vents aren’t working to maximum capacity if your couch is absorbing all of the heat that’s meant for you.

Get active. Moving helps you feel warm and it can chase away cabin fever. Consider doing some home repair projects or finally starting that home exercise program you’ve been thinking about.

The key to lowering your electric bill this winter is to be energy efficient — this means turning down the thermostat. Challenge yourself to come up with your own creative ways to save money!

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