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Farm Safety Tips for Kids

Updated January 1, 1 . AmFam Team

From livestock to tractors, being on the farm can be exciting for kids! Be sure to keep children safe with these careful tips.

With everything happening on your farm, kids are often eager to lend a helping hand and want to play an active role in getting work done. But, before you let them pull on their boots and roll up their sleeves, invest some time to educate them about agricultural health and safety.

With today’s online training and resources, it’s never been easier to help ensure kids’ safety. Explore these ideas to train youngsters and help them build healthy and safe habits around the farm and ranch:

Explore the National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety

This Marshfield Clinic research institute is a fantastic resource for cultivating youth safety (Opens in a new tab) through prevention and safety best practices programs. Their resources on avoiding child agricultural injury help farmers, ranchers, managers and the media to work as one — shining a light agricultural risks more so than ever before.

Keeping Children Safe on the Farm

Work with kids by reminding them that everyone’s safety should always be their top priority. Here are a few important ways you can help remind kids about staying safe on the farm:

Hang Safety Posters Where Kids Will See Them

Order age-appropriate farm safety posters online and put them up around the farm in areas where kids and visitors will see them.

Keep Dangerous Items Out of Reach

Move tools, sharp objects and poisonous liquids into lockable storage areas — you don’t want young children picking up things they shouldn’t.

Install Safety Fencing as Necessary

Keep children away from dangerous areas — like ponds, manure pits or equipment sheds — by closing them off while youngsters are on the farm.

Set Rules

Kids love the idea of driving the tractor or playing with the animals, but make sure they know not to do anything that could put them in danger. Only let them around livestock and equipment when supervised by an adult.

Maintain Line-of-sight on Kids When They’re Out and About

Always make sure you’re keeping an eye on your kids while on the farm. With so much to see and do, it’s not uncommon for children to wander off and explore.

Notify Your Staff

Keep little ones safe by making sure everyone on the farm knows to look out for them when going about their daily tasks.

Assign Age-appropriate Chores

Children’s abilities change as they get older, so be mindful about what they can and cannot do on their own. For example, a preschool-aged child really isn’t ready for any chores, but older kids may be able to take on small tasks like feeding the calves or harvesting the chicken eggs.

Reward Good Behavior

Reinforce positive outcomes when your kids make safe and smart decisions. Be sure to celebrate the moment and let them know that you’re proud that they’re working so hard.

Build a Farm Policy to Help Keep Your Investments Safe

While you’re exploring ways to enrich the lives of your children on the farm remember to get on your American Family Insurance agent’s calendar (Opens in a new tab). You’ll find they’re dedicated to the success and longevity of agricultural operations. And commitment like that can bring you real peace of mind.

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