Farm Safety for Kids

With everything that goes on at the farm, kids often want to lend a helping hand and take part in all the fun. But, before you let them pull on their boots and roll up their sleeves, make sure to take these careful safety steps:

Keep things out of reach. Think tools, sharp objects, poisonous liquids — you don’t want little hands picking up things they shouldn’t.

Put up child gates. Keep children away from dangerous areas — like ponds, manure pits or equipment sheds — by closing them off while youngsters are on the farm.

Set rules. Kids love the idea of driving the tractor or playing with the animals, but make sure they know not to do anything that could put them in danger. Only let them around livestock and equipment when supervised by an adult.

Keep them in sight. Always make sure you’re keeping an eye on your kids while on the farm. With so much to see and do, it’s not uncommon for children to wander off and explore.

Notify your staff. Keep little ones safe by making sure everyone on the farm knows to look out for them when going about their daily tasks.

Assign age appropriate chores. Children’s abilities change as they get older, so be mindful about what they can and cannot do on their own. For example, a preschool-aged child isn’t really ready for any chores, but older kids may be able to take on small tasks like feeding the calves or harvesting the chicken eggs.

Educate them. Take time to teach them about the different equipment, what it does and the dangers that can come with using it. The more they know about each tool, the less likely they are to explore it on their own — knowledge leads to safety!

Reward good behavior. When your child listens and has a fun and safe day on the farm, reward their good behavior with a treat at the end of the day.

Children love spending time on the farm, and who can blame them? Let them take part in your farming dreams and keep them safe at the same time — you’ll have a dedicated little helper in no time.

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