What is a Farm Succession Plan?

A Farm Succession Plan Protects Your Legacy

You’ve worked hard to make your farm the reliable provider it is today. Leaving the future success of all that hard work to chance isn’t an option. Since day one, it’s been your dream to pass the farm down to the next generation. That’s where a farm succession plan comes in.

The right plan helps protect your legacy by ensuring everything you’ve worked for stays in the right hands. It’s far more than a financial arrangement. It’s a roadmap for growth and security. But the right plan takes time to develop. It’s a process that’s unique to every farmer and every family. And it all starts with honest communication and trust.

With expert guidance from your lawyer, accountant, insurance professional and financial planner, you can build a farm succession plan that keeps the family farm right where it needs to be — in the family.

Ready to protect the future of your farm? Use these seven steps to build a plan you can feel good about.

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