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6 Ways to Keep Kids Car Safe

From changing your lifestyle to gaining new perspective on your dreams, having a family of your own opens your world to new possibilities. And while driving your little ones around might feel like a mundane task, it’s important to feel confident that you’re doing everything you can to keep them safe.

Relax and enjoy the joy your family brings with these safety-savvy ideas:

Back up safely. From chalk art to catch, kids love to play on the driveway and sidewalk. But before leaving home, make it a habit to check the area behind your car and up and down the sidewalk to see if children are around.

Hint: Even with a backup camera, it’s best to walk around and check for children/pets before backing.

Errand buddies. Your children will be safer if you always bring them inside with you, even for quick stops. In addition to avoiding mischief, you’re avoiding any chance of heatstroke, the leading cause of children’s vehicle-related deaths.

Check it twice. Every time. It takes just a few seconds to check your back seat twice every time you park your car—even when your children aren’t with you. You’ll develop a habit that helps assure you that your child is never left behind in the car.

Lock it up. Keep thinking about safety even after your car is parked. Store your keys where the kids can’t find or reach them—and never in the ignition. Children who can’t get in a locked car will be safe from being locked in, shifting the car into gear or starting it up.

One seat belt per person. Make sure everyone in your car is properly buckled in or secured in a car seat using one seat belt per person. Learn more smarts with handy Car Seat Safety guidelines.

Control the windows. If possible, lock your window function so children can’t accidentally roll up the window on themselves.

Want another way to be your family’s beloved proactive protector? Discover a packing list for the ultimate Car Emergency Kit.

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