Parking Accidents 101

When it comes to traffic accidents, parking areas can be a gray area. It’s not really a roadway, and sometimes one of the drivers isn’t even around during or after the accident. So what do you do?

For starters, take a deep breath. You’ve got this. And to help you along the way, we’ve gathered some helpful hints for dealing with some of the most common parking accidents. 


If you arrive at your parked car and notice it’s been damaged while you were gone, hopefully the responsible party has put their name and phone number on a slip of paper under your windshield wiper. If not, you’ll want to take these steps:

Photograph the damage. Snap pictures of any cars in the vicinity of your car that may have caused damage, and the general area.

Mark it down. Make notes on the date and time. 

Contact the police. Simply report the incident.

Call your insurance agent. The sooner your agent is aware of the accident, the sooner they can help you get your life back to normal.

If you want, do detective work. If the parking area or business you’re located at has a security office, contact them to see if they have video surveillance that could determine what happened. If you parked on the street, check local businesses to see if any of them have street-side cameras that may have captured the incident. Some businesses only keep film for a limited time, so quick action is your best bet.  


Though fender benders are known to be minor in nature, it’s a good idea to handle these accidents just as you would any other.


Share. Always provide your insurance information, name and phone number to the other individual.

If you can, wait. If they aren’t near their car when the incident occurs, wait for them to arrive. If you go inside to have them called to their car, be sure to leave your phone number and name on their windshield in case they come back while you’re gone.

Leave your contact info. If they don’t arrive before you have to leave, write your phone number and name on a piece of paper and slip it under their windshield wipers. But be sure not to share your insurance information with them until you connect in person.

Whatever you do, don’t sweat it, your American Family agent is ready to help you get back on track no matter what fender bender you find yourself in.

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