9 Tips for Teen Drivers

Do you remember the day you got your driver’s license? It was so exciting! As your teen gears up for their own, newfound freedom, help them stay safe and focused behind the wheel with these tips.  

Get ready to drive. First thing to do when getting in the car? Put on your seat belt — and ask your passengers to buckle up, too. Check your mirrors and clean them if they’re dirty or covered with snow before taking off. 

Keep your car healthy. If a dash light goes on, pull over and call a parent immediately. Some lights come on because the danger is imminent— others only require eventual attention. If you don’t know which it is, just ask!

Keep gas in the tank. It’s a good idea to keep your gas tank at least a quarter full. If you don’t dip below that, you won’t be at risk of running out of gas.

Blind spot beware. Try to stay out of other driver’s blind spots, especially semi-trucks.  Likewise, it’s best to assume someone is in your blind spot when changing lanes or turning. That way, you get into the habit of turning and looking to check, instead of relying only on a mirror.

Look before backing. It only takes a couple seconds to walk behind your car to check for objects or kids before backing out of a driveway or parking spot — build it into your routine!

Stay street smart. When parking on the street, check for traffic and bikes before opening your driver-side door.

Signal steady. Always use your signal when changing lanes. If you don’t and something happens, you could be at fault.

Know the limits. Always drive the speed limit. But also keep in mind that driving too slow can be just as hazardous as speeding when people aren’t expecting it.

Slow down safely. Slow down well before you need to stop. Braking quickly at stop signs or lights is hard on the car and can seem unpredictable to other drivers and pedestrians.

Want to learn more ways you can help your teen be safer behind the wheel? Check with your American Family Insurance agent to find out more about our Teen Safe Driver program.

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