Driving and School Bus Safety

When it comes to driving near school buses, you can be a super protector! Do your part to keep kids safe by following these tips for sharing the road with school buses.

Be patient. School buses tend to move at a slower pace and are required to make quite a few stops — especially at all railroad crossings and yield signs. If you find yourself following a bus on your morning commute, practice patience and try not to stress. You’ll get to your destination soon enough!

Know when to stop. When children are boarding or getting off a school bus, it’s extremely important that you stop and wait until the flashing stop sign has been retracted and the bus is back on its way — no matter what side of the road the kids are on.    

Don’t pass. In most states it’s illegal to pass a stopped school bus from either direction, although some states permit passing from the opposite direction on divided highways. Play it safe — check your state’s laws for specifics.

Watch for children. When proceeding after children have been dropped off at a school bus stop, make sure to take extra time to look out for them. Kids sometimes are unpredictable and might not know the best ways to stay safe in or around school buses.

Adopt a safety mind-set. Be especially alert and safety-conscious whenever you’re driving near school buses. Always keep a safe distance and be on the lookout for children, no matter where the bus is or what signal the driver gives you.

We all can play an active role in supporting kids and keeping them safe. Thanks for being a safety-savvy driver!

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