Safer Driving in all Seasons

You’ve experienced it firsthand — how the changing seasons can bring on surprises during your daily commute. Whether marked by falling leaves or swirling snow, one thing is for sure — rapid changes in weather call for extra keen driving!

So whether you’re a newbie or old pro behind the wheel, these are the perfect tips for greeting each new season.

Puddles hide potholes. In some climates, the ground changes temperature so dramatically that potholes resemble sinkholes. Assuming the puddle you’re driving through is just a wet spot on the road might leave you with bent rims or a flat tire. What’s more, driving through water means wet brakes, which can decrease your stopping power. 

Overpasses have their own rules. Overpasses and bridges change temperature faster than surface roads. With wind on top and nothing underneath, they freeze long before streets. Avoiding sudden steering, braking or accelerating maneuvers will keep you on course.

People are unpredictable. The first sign of warm weather brings bikes and foot traffic to thoroughfares. As a motorist, it’s your responsibility to see other road users. Be sure to accommodate for sun glare and people coming out from between parked cars.

Bad roads are bad news. Underdeveloped roads are more dangerous to drive on even in good weather. When the seasons introduce wetness and freezing, soft shoulders and bumps become dangerous hazards. Considering well-maintained roads can definitely be worth a few extra travel minutes.

Give your car the once-over, twice. Time, weather and hard use can take their toll. Checking your vehicle for damaged or worn parts — especially windshield wipers, headlights and tires — can go a long way in keeping you from getting stranded.

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