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What To Do If You Get a Chip in Your Windshield

In the grand scheme of things, a little windshield chip doesn’t look like much. It doesn’t affect your view of the road and it’s hardly noticeable. But a windshield chip can actually be a pretty serious issue. This good news? There’s a very quick and easy solution!

Follow our steps to repair your windshield crack and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Make it a priority. Even a small chip or crack can reduce the strength of your windshield significantly. It can also spread and become a bigger problem that will cost more to fix down the line and can affect your view of the road. Taking steps to fix it while it’s a small chip will give you peace of mind now, and may even be covered by your insurance.

Determine the damage. Does your windshield need a repair or replacement? A tiny chip is a quick and easy repair but what about a larger chip, or one that is starting to crack? The rule of thumb is anything smaller than a dollar bill can be repaired. But there are placement considerations. So if you’re questioning it, the best bet is to take pictures for your insurance agent to review.

Contact your insurance company. If you have comprehensive auto insurance chances are — you’re covered. In fact, with American Family coverage you get zero deductible repairs. Your agent can walk you through the process and answer any questions about coverage.

Temporary patch. Why risk it? Rush over to your American Family Insurance agent’s local office and pick up a temporary patch to keep the area dry and debris free until you can schedule the repair.

Qualified repair or replacement. Your agent will have a list of local Platinum Provider glass shops with experienced technicians. Schedule an in-shop visit or, if available, take advantage of their convenient mobile service.

Pat yourself on the back. Be proud of the fact that you did the right thing to protect your passengers and yourself on the road.

Still have questions? Your American Family Insurance agent can guide you through the process with short-term solutions, a list of trusted professionals and the answers you need. Connect with yours today.

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