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4 Home Tips for Empty Nesters

Transitioning into life as an empty nester? Lucky you — it’s such an exciting time! Think about it. You’ve raised your kids to adulthood and they now have the skills to take care of themselves. That means it’s time to focus on creating the life you’ve been waiting for.

“Emptynesterhood” comes with a change in routines and habits, but can also spark change in your physical space. It’s often a time of downsizing the family home and moving to a new neighborhood, or remodeling your existing home. But before you transform your child’s bedroom into a home gym, it’s important to keep the following four tips in mind — so your home is comfortable for you and your guests.

Clear out the clutter. While you don’t have to rid of your home of all your children’s possessions, insist that they take as much with them as possible. The rest should either be packed up and stored somewhere out of sight, or donated to those who will appreciate the old toys and clothes. Be on the lookout for collectibles — your stuff could fetch a pretty penny to the right buyer!

Transform bedrooms. While you may be itching to turn your child’s bedroom into your new office, consider your guests. Your kids (and others!) will need a place to stay when they come visit on the weekends and for holidays, so keeping the rooms as bedrooms might be your best bet. That certainly doesn’t mean you need to preserve the bedrooms as they were when your kids were young. Update as you see fit — picking out linens you love, arranging furniture, and creating a comfortable space for all your guests — from your kids to your mother-in-law.

Keep grandkids in mind. While the pitter patter of little feet might be a long ways off, it’s important to think about your family’s future before you update the house. That means think twice on the all-white carpeting and the luxurious stand-up shower. However, in the end, it’s your home, so each decision is ultimately yours to make.

Consider your passions. Now it’s time for the fun part. After you’ve assessed your bedroom situation, you may have extra, unused space like an unfinished basement, an attic, or one too many bedrooms. Because you don’t have the kids to worry about, you can get creative. Infuse your hobbies into your home, whether it’s creating a yoga studio in the attic, a woodworking room in the basement, or a painting corner in the bedroom with the best lighting. Whatever your passion is, your home now has the space to accommodate it in some way.

Remember, “emptynesterhood” is a period of reinventing, reinvigorating and taking time for yourself. Reflect that attitude into the space around you and you’ll have the tools to face whatever the future holds for you and your family.

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