Wildfire Evacuation Plan

Your family’s safety means everything to you, which is why being prepared for the unexpected should be a priority. If you live in an area that is prone to wildfires, the first step to peace of mind is creating a wildfire evacuation plan. Much like a fire escape plan, having a set list of steps and a practiced routine creates a proactive approach to the threat of wildfires.

Listen to authorities. It’s important that you listen to local authorities if a wildfire is spotted and take the precautions set forth in your customized wildfire evacuation plan. But remember to keep some flexibility in your plan as the situation can change quickly and you need to be able to respond appropriately.

Establish evacuation route. Part of your wildfire preparation is to pick the fastest route out of your neighborhood and then find alternate routes in case the primary one is blocked. The next step is to practice taking these routes frequently so they are familiar and comfortable even if visibility is limited by smoke.

Meeting places. Designate a meeting place within the home, one right outside of the home and one in the neighborhood. This way you’ve got your bases covered no matter where the family is when the alert is sounded.

Make an emergency bag. A lot of last minute haste can be avoided with a pre-made emergency bag full of your essentials. Check out www.ready.gov/kit for a handy list of supplies.

Inside the house. Turn off your air conditioning, any gas supply or propane tanks and then close all doors and windows. If there is time, check your vents to see that no combustible material is nearby and that they are closed.

Outside the house. If you are warned of the likelihood of a wildfire early enough, remove debris from around the house, roof and gutters. Try to clear combustible materials from a 5 foot perimeter around your home. Don’t forget about the portable propane tank on your grill — move it to the curb.

A proactive wildfire emergency response plan gives you a sense of peace of mind that you’re prepared for anything. And talking to your American Family Insurance agent to make sure you have all the home coverage you need can boost that sense of security. Get started on taking these smart steps today.

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