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Why and How to Support Small Business

What do the neighbor who owns a bakery, the friend who took the leap and opened a bookstore, and the former co-worker who now has a photography studio have in common? They’re all small business owners located right in your community, and they rely on your support as they work to grow their dream! So, when shopping this holiday season, consider these reasons to shop local and support your community’s small business owners.

Personal Services and Unique Products

Small businesses stand out by offering a unique selection of products and by providing personalized service. The owners of these businesses put their hearts and souls into their work every day. Their goal is for you to walk away happy with your experience and share the love.

Small businesses don’t have big advertising budgets, so they rely on positive word of mouth to find new customers. If you walk away happy with your experience, consider spreading the word. Whether you had a wonderful meal at a new restaurant, a fantastic haircut at the local salon, or a great experience working on your taxes with a new accountant, tell your friends about it. You might also consider posting a nice review of the business online.

It’s Your Town, Make It a Good One

Supporting small businesses helps the local economy and makes your town more attractive to other businesses. Take the time for a stroll down Main Street and wander into that new café or the cute little shop that just opened. Shopping at local businesses helps to keep them in your town and build a thriving local community.

To help these businesses even more, when it comes time to pay, put that credit card back in your wallet. While it doesn’t cost you extra to pay with a credit card, small businesses are charged a fee for every credit card transaction. Whenever possible, pay with good, old-fashioned cash, and help small businesses cut back the amount they pay the credit card companies.

Helping the Environment

Many small businesses take pride in sourcing their products locally. This includes restaurants that purchase from nearby farms and shops that purchase from neighborhood artisans. Keeping it local is better for the environment because it eliminates the pollution from transporting products across the country. Show your support for these initiatives by patronizing these businesses, and consider exploring the town center on foot to further reduce your impact on the environment.

Small businesses are an important part of our towns. Show them your support by shopping local, spreading the word and bringing along your friends and family. By supporting small businesses you’ll help build a stronger and more vibrant community for everyone.

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