Gun Safety For Kids

Whether or not you’ve got a firearm in the house, it’s important your kids know the do’s and don’ts of gun safety. Here’s a guide to start your conversation. 

If you own a firearm of any kind and have kids at home, it’s important to practice gun safety at all times. Make sure to educate your children by teaching them all the dos and don’ts of gun safety and rest easy knowing your children will be safe from gun-related accidents.

Here’s what they’ll need to know:

  • The reality of guns. On TV and in movies, guns are often handled carelessly. Teach your kids that this is not the way responsible people handle their firearms, and remind them that guns can be extremely dangerous and should never be used by children. 
  • What to do if they encounter a gun. If your child does encounter a firearm, make sure they know to follow these rules: Stop what you’re doing, don’t touch it, leave the area and tell an adult right away – these rules apply both at home or at a friend or family member’s house.
  • The proper handling of firearms. Depending on their age, your child may be able to use BB or pellet guns. Teach them that even these can be dangerous and remind them never to point their gun at anyone for any reason. When they are old enough to learn, take time to teach them exactly how to safely handle their firearm.
  • Lead by example. Practice what you preach and keep gun security top of mind. To learn exactly how to be a top-notch safety advocate, check out our guide to firearm safety.

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