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Got big plans this summer? Try expanding your cultural horizons in the sunny outdoors by checking out fairs and festivals in your area and beyond. The possibilities are endless! 

To maximize your experience and create lifetime memories with friends and family, here are 5 super tips for summer festivals and fairs. 

State fair? Great fair! C’mon — where else other than at a state fair can you savor food-on-a-stick, take in spectacular views on Ferris wheels, or learn crazy facts about livestock. (So, how much can a blue-ribbon miniature Hereford bull eat in a day?) Save on admissions with early-bird specials, ticket deals at local stores, and group discounts. Many fairs lower admission prices on special food donation days — so you can feel good about making a difference while saving $$, too.

Catch a brand new beat. Hey music lovers, try stepping out of your comfort zone at music festivals by experiencing live bands that aren’t already on your favorite playlist. Keep track of the groups you liked, and if the spirit moves you, do them a solid by buying their music. And, always remember to bring earplugs just in case they crank up the volume to 11.

Stay connected. Folks that play together stay together. But if some in your group prefer to wander, make sure you agree ahead of time on designated meeting places, and stay in touch by texting. (Keep your cell phone’s charging cord handy in case you need a quick recharge, so you’re not incommunicado.) Parents, label your kids’ clothes with your name and cell number, so you can be easily reached if you get separated.

Create a kid-friendly experience. Festivals and fairs are super-fun, action-packed and cleverly educational, especially for your kids. View the world from their perspective, and take special steps to make these excursions unforgettable. Go at their pace, leave room for some down time, and know when to call it a day. Watch and do things that interest them. Enjoy being a kid with your kid. 

Art appreciation. Even if your last masterpiece was that watercolor self-portrait from fourth grade, it’s never too late to rediscover your creative side at local art fairs. Try finding some cool creations that perfectly capture you or your loved one’s personality, or seek out artwork that reflects your family’s heritage. Talk to artists about what inspires them, and visualize what inspires you.

Venture forth, summer dreamers. Explore festivals and fairs you’ve never seen before. Create new memories, and embrace new experiences. Carpe diem!

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