Tips For A Safe Halloween

Dressing as their favorite characters and loading up on candy makes trick-or-treating a fun and memorable event for youngsters. Read these tips to help protect your little ghosts and goblins as they go door to door in search of confectionary treasure.

Accessorize Smartly: Make sure costume accessories — swords, knives, etc. — are short, soft, and flexible to prevent injury to the child as well as those around him or her.

Watch Flames: Make sure costumes are flame-resistant, and keep youngsters away from lit candles or luminaries.

Test Skin: Before applying make-up for a costume, test it on a small patch of skin first. Remove it before bedtime to prevent skin and eye irritation.

Cross Safely: Remind your little ones to look both ways before crossing the street, and to use established crosswalks wherever possible.

Enlist a Chaperone: Have children trick-or-treat in groups with a trusted adult.

Light the Night: Provide flashlights to increase visibility and keep children from tripping over items in the dark.

Remember to Reflect: Apply reflective tape to their costumes and bags so children are more visible to motorists.

Check First: Before allowing your child to eat their treats, examine all items for choking hazards and tampering.

Be Selective: Avoid eating homemade treats unless you know the cook well.

Stay Outside: Never allow children to enter homes, unless they are with a trusted adult.

With these tips, your kids will have no trouble staying safe while trick or treating. Have a Happy Halloween!

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