Make a Healthy Workstation

When it comes to workplace safety, you probably don’t think about what you could be doing at your desk. After all, how much could happen when you’re sitting down? Surprisingly – more than you might expect!

Study up on these simple tips to make your workstation more ergonomic, and avoid common workplace injuries like neck, back or wrist pain that could get in the way of you pursuing your dreams down the line.

Adjust your chair. Make sure the position of your chair allows your feet to rest on the floor and your knees to be level with your hips. And only use a chair that has lumbar support for your back.

Be mindful with your mouse. Place your mouse close to your keyboard and relax your wrist when using it.

Use a headset. If you’re on the phone a lot, you may want to think about using a headset to avoid straining your neck.

Pay attention to posture. Being conscious of your posture is important. Keep your body centered in front of your screen and avoid crossing your legs and hunching over your keyboard.

Avoid glare. You’ll want your brightest light source in your office to be at the side of your computer – it’ll help offset any glare from your monitor.

Leave space. Keep your desk clean and the floor around your workspace clutter-free to make sure you’ve got enough room to move around and sit comfortably.

Taking these quick and easy steps could make a huge difference in your comfort level at work and your long-term health down the line – win-win! 

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