What to Tell your Babysitter

Prep Your Sitter

Before you leave a babysitter with your kids, they’ll need some information from you. Here’s a list of what your sitter needs to know in case of emergencies. 

You’ve found the perfect babysitter for your growing family and you’ve scheduled your night out. Now what?

Make sure your sitter has all the information they need to keep your children safe while you’re away. Include these on your list and get peace of mind knowing your sitter’s got it covered:

  • Parents’ names and contact information
  • The destination you’re headed to for the day/night and the time you’ll be home
  • Children’s names, birth dates, and a list of food and drug allergies/sensitivities
  • Address and phone numbers of your house
  • Name and contact information of family doctor or pediatrician
  • Nationwide poison control hotline number: 1-800-222-1222
  • Location of first aid supplies, fire extinguisher and flashlights
  • Emergency contact of a neighbor or other family member in case parents can’t be reached
  • Children’s bedtimes and nighttime routines
  • Instructions for medications that need to be given to your children – name, time to be given & dose
  • Instructions for handling misbehavior – each parent approaches this differently and the sitter may not know the appropriate discipline to use in your household

A prepared babysitter is a good babysitter. Share this information with yours and you’ll be ready for your worry-free day or night away!

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