Protecting Your Pockets Abroad

Protecting Your Pockets Abroad

Updated April 1, 2016 . AmFam Team

Follow your wanderlust freely with savvy tips for keeping safe while traveling abroad.

Your adventure of a lifetime is just around the corner. Your tickets are booked, bags are packed, and itinerary set. Before you set out to take in the sights, check out these tips for keeping you and your belongings safe while traveling abroad.

Steer clear of commotion. Chaotic situations are often created by thieves as a form of distraction — especially in large crowds. If you see a disturbance, keep your bag close and step away from anyone bumping up against you.

Protect your bag. Your bag is often the prime target for pickpockets. Always have a firm grasp on it, especially on public transportation, and be sure to keep loose bag straps out of reach of passing pedestrians and motorists.

Stash your valuables. When possible, try to leave your valuables at home. But for necessary items, like your passport, keep it locked in your hotel safe. Instead, carry a copy of the ID page in your money belt. Never leave valuables in your car.

Watch your $$. Be savvy while using ATMs — stick to the ones that are located within banks, and always cover the keypad with one hand as you type in your pin.

By keeping these smart tips in mind on your trip, you’re well on your way to creating safe and exciting memories!

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