7 Ways to Fight Cabin Fever

When the holiday season is over and the heart of winter hits, it’s hard not to come down with a case of cabin fever. The chilly weather makes it easy to stay cooped up inside, and that’ll make anyone restless!

But don’t let winter get you down — make it your favorite season by taking these fun steps:

Tackle a new hobby. Challenge yourself to try new things and keep your mind busy. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn to cook, or aspire to write your first short story, winter is the perfect time to get started! Time will fly, making cabin fever a thing of the past.

Start a club. Socializing is a great way to fight the winter blues, so do your best to hang out with friends or family often. One way to make sure you’ll get together on a regular basis? Start a weekly club. Play cards, talk about books, make dinner — whatever your group of pals is interested in!

Take on a home project. There’s no better time of year to start a home improvement project than in the dead of winter. You’ll be stuck inside anyway, so why not make the most of it? Paint your walls, remodel the master bathroom, refresh the carpets — come spring, you’ll have a whole new home to enjoy.

Up the green space. Consider adding some house plants to your décor and keep your home full of life even on the coldest of days. You’d be surprised at the effect green plants have on your mood.

Find reasons to celebrate. When you’re in a winter rut, why not throw a “just because” party? There’s no reason to follow the calendar to a T, so make up your own holiday and add some excitement to an otherwise dull season. Who knows, it could become a new tradition that you look forward to every year.

Pay it forward. Make this your season for giving by spending any extra time volunteering for a local nonprofit, animal shelter or nursing home. You’ll help make your community a better place and leave each time feeling fulfilled. Take that, cabin fever!

Get outside. Just because its cold doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great outdoors. There are so many activities to enjoy in the snow — skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, building snowmen. So bundle up and step outside! Just be sure to have hot cocoa on hand to warm you back up.

No matter how low the temperatures get this winter, incorporate these activities into your day and keep the cabin fever at bay. You’ll enjoy the season like never before!

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