Social Media Safety

From posting pics of your pooch’s antics to chatting up long-lost friends, social media can be fun for the whole family! As sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat evolve it’s smart to empower your family with ways to keep their info and identities private. Here’s some tried-and-true tactics that will keep you happily #hashtagging for years to come.

Own Your Online Presence

Update Protection: Tailor your online experience by frequently checking your privacy settings on social media sites to make sure they’re set so only those you want to see your posts, can do so. 

Password Power: Keep your passwords cryptic and long. 

Security Software: It’s best to have the latest and greatest security software, web browser and applications so that your private information stays private. 

What You Post

Protect Privacy: Do any of your social media profiles include your birthday, family members, where you grew up, pictures of your home, where you’re headed on vacation or where you work or go to school? Believe it or not, this kind of info can lead to identity theft, stalking or burglary. It’s best to keep your posts devoid of personal information and keep people guessing.  

Once Posted, Always Posted: With enough initiative, anyone can find your post any social media. Also, if you use Twitter, it’s good to know that every time you hit send your post winds up at the Library of Congress, where it’s documented forever.    

Photo Sharing: A good rule of thumb is to only post photos you would be okay with your boss, parents or children (present or future) viewing, because photos are more often than not permanently discoverable. When posting photos, select who you want to be able to view, so you know who has access to your photos. Disable GPS when taking photos with a smartphone or digital camera, so no one can view the coordinates of your location. Skip sharing photos that have personal information in them, such as street signs, license plates, names on shirts, etc. that you may not want public.


  • Avoid posting your personal email addresses so businesses or advertisers can’t scan your address book.
  • Regularly update your privacy settings and friend lists on social media sites.
  • Only click a link if you recognize the company and the address looks “typical.”
  • Know who you’re accepting as a friend on social media site.

See? Nothing you can’t handle. With a few smart habits your family can be the savviest social media users on the block!

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