11 Tips for Every Tailgater

Do you aspire to be an ultimate tailgater? We’re here to help! Try these smart tips and knock your next baseball party right out of the park!

Pre-game prep. Want more time to talk baseball and less time behind the grill? Chop your veggies, marinate your meats and assemble your kabobs before you get to the ballpark. And be sure to show up early. Because the early tailgater gets the best spot.


Safety first. And last. Have a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit on hand, just in case. And be sure to extinguish any flame before leaving for the game or to go home.


Floating beacon.  With charcoal grills and baseball fans as far as the eye can see, your get-together can get lost. Tie a big, eye-catching helium balloon to your vehicle and fly it above your festivities. Your friends will know right where to go.


Cooler code. Remember to keep uncooked meat in a separate cooler. And be sure to label drink coolers. It makes searching for the right beverage a no-brainer.


Avoid the over-flip. If you flip too much, your burgers get tough. For the tastiest burgers at the ballpark, flip once – and only once – and cook to 140ºF on the inside.


Frozen functionality. Frozen bottles of water are like giant ice cubes. Keep them in your cooler to help keep stuff fresh. And when they thaw, you’ve got ice-cold H20 ready to go!

Games people play. At the heart of every great tailgate is a thrilling round of bag toss, or a rousing game of catch. Make your party the place to be by offering up some friendly competition.

Buzz be gone. Don’t let pesky mosquitos invade your space. Throw some sage or rosemary on the charcoals to act as a natural repellent.


Eat smart. Don’t take any chances with spoilage. Keep an eye on food that’s been sitting out for a while. A good rule of thumb: “when in doubt, throw it out.”


Cool the coals. Hot coals can start fires. Let them cool before throwing them out. Most stadiums have special bins designed for coals. If not, a metal pail with a lid will work too.


Most importantly. Have fun! Because that’s what the ultimate tailgate is really all about. 


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