Tips to Prepare for a Stress Free Vacation

It’s here! Your bags are packed and you’re ready to take off on that dream vacation you’ve been so patiently been waiting for. But before you depart, check out this ultimate list of things to check off to make sure your mind is clear, and your getaway is carefree.

Keep up Appearances

While you’re away, prevent your house from being an easy target for thieves by making it look like you’re home.

Pause mail. Stop your mail service or have someone check your mail regularly.

Timers. Use timers to turn lights off and on at various times throughout the day.

Motion sensors. Install motion-sensor lights outdoors.

Yard work. Arrange a lawn service or snow removal company to keep up your yard up, if you’ll be away for a while.

Garage parking. Park your car in the garage, so it’s not apparent it hasn’t moved in days.


You never want a ton of people knowing when your house is empty, but you should inform these few:

Alarm company. If you’re alarm company knows you’re away, they can immediately notify the police, if your system is tripped.

Trustworthy people. Neighbors or friends who can keep an eye on your house and report any suspicious behavior.

Financial institutions. Notify your bank and credit card companies. This prevents them from flagging your card and declining purchases when you’re spending increases and location changes.

Clean up and Clean out

Cleaning your house not only keeps the critters from moving in while you’re away, it creates a relaxing welcome home when you return. But don’t stop at throwing out perishable foods and taking out the garbage. Before leaving, remember to do a full sweep of these areas too:

Clean car. If you’re going to leave your car in a public lot, remove any valuables.

Double check. Check bags, purses and pockets. It’s easy to forget things like pepper spray and pocket knives you carry every day.

Just in case. Clean any unnecessary things from your wallet, so there’s no worry about losing them.

Cut the Power

To avoid electrical fires from starting, but also to save on bills, it’s a good idea to unplug minor electronics and appliances while your away. You also want to consider:

Water breaks. Turning off the water supply to prevent leaks and floods.

Ending cycle. Not leaving the house with the washer, dryer or dishwasher running. This insures they actually shut off at the end of a cycle.

Make Sure You’re Covered

Making sure the smallest details are handled can have a big effect on your vacation. For example, charging all your devices before your trip is a definite stress reliever. But, sometimes going old school is actually the best backup.

No Service. Write down important addresses and phone numbers in case your phone or GPS loses service.

Copies. Make photocopies of your ID, Passport and other important documents. This allows you to use the copies rather than taking a chance on losing the originals. Or serves as backup, if you actually do lose the originals.

One last thing. Be sure to contact your insurance agent before leaving to make sure your insurance is up to date, and learn what’s all covered during your travel. For example, personal items may be covered under homeowners or renter’s insurance.

And you’re off! With a list like this, you can vacation the right way, knowing you’ve packed your peace of mind too. Enjoy!

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