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Support for Your Dream

Celebrating Fathers Who Keep You Fearless

Maybe it was when he taught you to ride a bike, or the hours of homework he helped you with. It could be the time he changed your oil, or the conversations that left you reflecting on precious life lessons. From the first fish you hooked to the first time you drove, everything your father has done for you has helped shape you into the person you are today. And today, we celebrate the reason we call him “dad.”

Today, we celebrate our super-dads who seem to have it all. Whether it’s the right words at the right time or the superpower to make everything better, we celebrate the influence fathers and father figures make in our lives. They may not be able to fly or leap tall buildings, but we thank them for their support and encouragement to keep going, keep believing.

Join Us as We Celebrate Father’s Everywhere

This Father’s Day, we’ve put a spotlight on stories of sons and daughters who proudly celebrate the fathers who pick them up when they fall down, who help them face their fears and who encourage them to dream fearlessly. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads who keep us believing.

Nate & Eric

The way that Eric loves his seven-year old son, Nate, is the kind of love we all need to see this Father’s Day. When we asked Nate what his father did for a living, the first thing he could think of was “he’s a dad’ and it took quite some time to realize he was also an electrician and business owner. Eric was sure to let his son know that being his dad was his favorite job out of the other titles he holds. Being a good father is really important to Eric because he lost his father when he was 15 and missed out on many moments he now works to provide for his son.

When the two of them aren’t eating their favorite food, pizza, and playing video games, you can find them skiing, rock climbing or snuggled up during a family movie night.

Nate would like to be a programmer and/or gamer, and his parents are doing all they can to help him fulfill his dreams by purchasing equipment for his YouTube channel and encouraging his love for math. Eric and his wife believe their smart, witty and creative son can be whatever he wants to be — and so do we.

Thank you, Eric, for helping your son pursue his passions. It’s fathers like you who help little dreamers like Nate achieve their goals.

Brooke & Cornell

You wouldn’t be able to tell that Brooke was shy at one point in her life because the energy and enthusiasm she exudes is contagious. Her dad helped her to face her fears and build confidence at an early age by reinforcing how awesome she is and cheering her on at any moment, no matter how big or small.

What Brooke loves most about her dad is how much fun they have together. He makes gardening in their yard, driving to the grocery store or even riding their bikes around the neighborhood feel like an adventure. When Brooke was learning how to ride her bike, there were many times she fell — but now she’s a pro. She remembers after every fall, her dad would tell her to keep trying, and that is the lesson she uses on her journey to become a movie star.

Teaching Brooke to believe in herself — and not give up even when it was challenging — is a lesson Brooke can take with her the rest of her life. Thank you, Brooke’s dad, for encouraging Brooke to keep believing.

Jayla & Joe

Because Jayla watched her dad conquer his fears, she was given a roadmap on how to conquer her own. When Jayla decided to leave college to become a photographer and digital content creator, she told her dad who responded by purchasing her a digital camera to get started. Her father once worked at an automotive company and realized his dream was to become an educator. So, he took a buyout and pursued his dream.

Jayla watched her dad struggle and question if he made the best decision when times became hard — but he kept going, achieved his dream and was able to spend more time with his family. Jayla is motivated by her dad’s journey and hopes to pass many of his teachings on to her one-year-old son. The bond they have now ranges from taking photos together, listening to jazz music and bonding over conversations about their dreams becoming a much better reality than they imagined.

Thanks to Jayla’s father for not only inspiring Jayla to dream fearlessly, but for supporting her passion.

Inspired by the Stories Above?

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