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Qualities of a Great Nonprofit Board Member

Updated April 1, 2021 . AmFam Team

Do you dream of making a positive change in your community and bettering yourself as a leader? Consider joining a nonprofit board! Learn more about what being a nonprofit board member means and the qualities needed to make a strong impact.

Do you dream of making a positive change in your community and bettering yourself as a leader? Volunteering on a nonprofit board could be what you’re looking for! It’s a great, hands-on way to make a real difference in your community and grow certain skillsets. There are lots of nonprofits that could use your brain power and time, so finding a nonprofit board to join usually isn’t a challenge.

But what’s the difference between being a good nonprofit board member and a great one? What qualities are needed to drive meaningful change? We spoke with three leaders at American Family Insurance to discover what it takes to be an impactful nonprofit board member and how their time with the board has changed them for the better. Let’s find out if a nonprofit board is a good fit for you!

About Our Featured Board Members and Their Nonprofits

To better understand what qualities are needed to be an outstanding board member, let’s get to know nonprofits, their featured board members and what drew these individuals in to get involved.

First, we spoke with Justin Cruz, American Family Insurance VP of Auto Product Design and Development, who serves on the board for YWCA Madison (Opens in a new tab) — a Wisconsin-based nonprofit that focuses on four key areas: housing and shelter, jobs and transportation, race and gender equity and restorative justice. Justin shared how that mission compelled him to get involved.

Get Involved

Eager to find a nonprofit board that’s right for you? That’s great! If you’re interested, Nyra’s advice is to take the first step. “Find an organization that’s aligned to what you're passionate about or an area of interest to you. Reach out to the organization and stay connected with them — even if they're not looking for board members at that time. Anytime you can build a relationship with a nonprofit and these incredible organizations that are doing so much good in our community is a really powerful thing.”

Remember, it’s not just about getting involved, it’s about how you do it, too! When you put in the work and give it your all, there’s no limit to what you can do.

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