Eco Friendly Kit

DIY On-the-Go, Eco-Friendly Kit

Want to maintain a sustainable lifestyle on the go? Learn how to create an eco-friendly kit that you can keep in your car! Our resident expert is here to help.

How to Create an On-the-Go, Eco-Friendly Kit

Living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t start and end at home. The decisions you make while running errands, at work or out with friends matter too! But it’s not always easy to put the environment first when we’re busy.

The solution? An eco-friendly kit you can take with you wherever you go.

Our resident sustainability expert, Halie Tenor, has some smart suggestions of what to include in your kit. She recommends thinking about what disposable materials you use when you’re not in the convenience of your home. From to-go containers, to coffee cups and plastic bags, there are alternatives that you can feel good about.

Check out her suggestions and create an eco-friendly kit to keep in your car or by your desk today!

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