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Happy, Healthy Commercial Truckers

Updated August 31, 2016 . AmFam Team

Keep your commercial truckers healthy and happy with these smart tips.

If you’re a business owner with truckers on the road, a big part of your job is keeping your drivers safe and healthy with training and company programs. Because a well-trained driver is a prepared driver, ready to face whatever the highway brings. And a healthy, happy driver means increased productivity and less downtime.

Take a look at what it takes to keep your truckers — and your business dreams — moving.

Safety First

Before your drivers hit the road, they need the training and know-how to be the best and safest drivers they can be. These smart driving tips will help make the roads a better place to be.

Defense wins. Commercial truck drivers have to constantly be on alert, always on the lookout for distracted drivers and ready for unexpected road conditions. Because ready beats reactive every time.

Curve control. Trucks have different rules than cars. They tend to tip if not driven right. When it comes to curves, taking it slow gives the rig the stability it needs to stay upright.

Watch blind spots. Directly in front, along the sides of the trailer, and directly behind — these are a trucks blind spots, and they require special attention. Other drivers might not be aware of a truck’s “no zones”, so it’s up to the truck driver to be extra cautious before turning or switching lanes.

Rig maintenance. A truck needs a thorough look-over every morning before heading out. Check the fluids, mirrors, tires, brakes and trailer. And check for loose materials that could fly off and create a hazard.

Load Smart. Don’t pile too high. Stack cargo low and spread it out as evenly as possible to increase truck stability and improve fuel economy.

Healthy and Happy Gets Work Done

The road can be a challenge. All those miles can take a toll on a driver’s wellbeing, and waistline. But with the right focus and motivation, your team of truckers will drive happy!

Eating right. On the go, fast food is an easy choice. But it’s far from the best. Healthy meals pre-packed in a cooler can keep drivers feeling good. Meals should include easy options like hard-boiled eggs and nuts. The right foods can keep weight down and spirits up.

Encourage exercise. Truckers sit, a lot. It’s part of the job. That’s why regular exercise is so important. No gym on the road? No worries. A quick power walk gets the heart rate up and boosts energy. And a few push-ups in the parking lot keeps the upper body in shape.

No drowsy driving. Truckers need sleep. It’s a matter of safety. The rules requiring rest periods are getting stricter. But it’s the driver’s responsibility to know when to stop and sleep. The best approach: when tired, pull over and rest. It’s that simple.

Offer opportunity. Truck drivers, especially those just starting out, are more likely to stay with a company if they know there’s a chance to grow. Offer ongoing training, provide seminars on industry trends, publicize job openings, and encourage advancement.

Stay connected. Keep drivers informed of company plans, policies and procedures, and take the time to ask them what they need. Drivers who feel listened to are typically more engaged in the company’s success.

If you have questions about protecting your business and employees with the right insurance, your American Family Insurance agent (Opens in a new tab) is ready to help. Keep on truckin!

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