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How to Increase Sales in a Small Business

5 Ways to Position Your Business for Growth

As a small business owner, you’ve acquired excellent expertise in your field, thanks to your hard work, planning and can-do attitude. And here’s some good news — you can leverage your experience to actually boost sales. Double-win!

“There has never been a better time to become the go-to expert in your niche market,” says internationally recognized business and brand strategist Debbie Allen, author of “The Highly Paid Expert.” “Multiple streams of expert income expand both your wealth and your exposure.”

When customers increasingly know and trust you as an authority, the more likely they are to buy from you. Here are some ways you can position yourself for success and improve sales.

Write a book. You can increase sales in several ways when you write a book. Not only can you earn income from the sales of the book, but you can make money by selling related products on a book tour and by speaking about the book before groups. “Books help you create credibility,” Allen says. “This positions you as an expert and companies will allow you to speak on their platforms.”

Become a speaker. If you’re a small business owner, there’s always someone who wants to pick your brain, whether it’s a group of entrepreneurs interested in how you started your company, or professional colleagues in need of your expertise. Instead of giving your knowledge away, consider requesting and negotiating a fee for being a speaker. You can also waive the speaking fee and market your products or services to your audience instead, Allen suggests.

Create a blog. If you want to attract more potential customers to your website, share your expertise by blogging. “Search engines love blogs, therefore you gain more exposure when they’re shared and reposted on social media sites,” Allen says. Blogs also provide a forum where you can build a relationship with potential customers and educate them in a way that doesn’t feel “sales-y.” Readers that grow to trust you are more willing to buy.

Start a YouTube channel. Not only does YouTube let you showcase your expertise via video, but consumers are 64 percent more likely to buy a product after watching an online video about it, according to the digital content marketing company MultiVisionDigital. You can welcome a viewer to your website or create a series of “tip” videos based on your expertise. “Everyone is looking for experts and information, therefore when you position yourself as an expert on video you gain additional online exposure,” Allen says.

Host a seminar or webinar. Educating people online or in person is a simple way to boost sales, promote your business and sell products. Consider hosting an event and inviting other speakers from various industries to share expertise. You agree to promote each other and, as a result, you can significantly multiply your leads. Raising your profile as an expert helps you to better connect with your customers and introduces your brand to new buyers. “Exposure and expertise = more sales,” Allen says.

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