Smart Safety Precautions That Keep Your Tenants Safe

When you own or manage an apartment complex or rental home, your top priority should be keeping your tenants safe. Whether it’s making sure sidewalks are shoveled, fire detectors are working or all mechanics are in proper order, the list of items to check on regularly can be a tad overwhelming.

That’s where we come in! Use this list to keep your rental in tip-top shape, so your renters are always safe.

Clean sweep. It’s important to inspect the building and property daily to ensure cleanliness and housekeeping. Also check that tenants don’t store personal belongings on or around stairways, in order to keep exits clear in case of an emergency.

Sound the alarm. Test fire alarm pull box stations weekly to ensure they’re working. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, elevators and emergency lighting should also be tested at least once a month. Replace smoke detector batteries yearly.

Restore and repair. Inspect the building, sidewalk and parking lot for any damage or vandalism, and repair as necessary. Next, tackle common areas, ensuring walls, windows, handrails, carpeting or flooring are in good shape as well. Check interior and exterior lighting and replace fixtures and bulbs when necessary. And lastly, keep tenants safe by ensuring all security locks and cameras are working properly.

Eliminate lint. One easy way to prevent a call to the fire department? Dryer upkeep. Vacuum the back of clothes dryers to eliminate lint build-up, and check that lint screens are not clogged or blocked.

Bring in the pros. Schedule yearly cleaning or maintenance of electrical wiring, heating systems, chimneys, water heaters and emergency sprinkler systems. If your building has an elevator, contact a professional to have it inspected each year.

Combat the elements. Maintain green spaces by controlling grass and weed growth. Remove snow and ice from sidewalks and parking lots promptly and keep them salted or sanded in slippery weather.

Prep your tenants. Discuss emergency evacuation procedures with tenants, including how to safely exit the building. Lastly, ensure all tenants have your contact information and a way to report maintenance issues, should they arise.

Congrats on being a proactive landlord! By following these guidelines, your hard work and smart thinking will get noticed and appreciated by your happy tenants. And happy tenants lead to happy landlords!

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