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The Dream Movement

We believe a dream is the most valuable thing you’ll ever own. And we’re here to help you discover and pursue yours! Start by taking the quiz to see what kind of dreamer you are.

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  1. When you talk about your hopes and dreams, you’re most focused on helping others or pursuing a career that makes a difference. As a purpose-driven dreamer, you’re likely concerned about the political climate, sustainable living and societal issues. And you’re looking for resources to help you live a minimalist lifestyle and be a better citizen every day. We can help.

    You’re in good company! These purpose-driven dreamers have made a difference in the world — and you can too.

    • Malala Yousafzai
    • Martin Luther King Jr.
  2. You’re the kind of dreamer who takes charge and makes things happen! As a self-starter, you likely dream of owning your own business or approaching work in an untraditional way. When you worry, it’s usually about being tied to a career you hate or being held back by debts. And when it comes to pursuing your dream, the biggest challenge is usually not having enough time in the day or money to get started! We can help.

    You’re in good company! Check out these famously successful self-starters — we’re seeing some similarities!

    • Steve Jobs
    • JK Rowling
    • Walt Disney
  3. While you may not know exactly what you want to do or what you’re passionate about (or perhaps you have too many interest to choose just one!), you’re open to exploring your strengths and weaknesses — and you’re always looking to improve. As an ever-evolving dreamer, you’re less focused on being perfect and more focused on being happy. And you’re likely looking for advice on how to achieve that. We’re here to help.

    You’re in good company! Check out these famously proud, ever-evolving dreamers. Can you relate?

    • Oprah Winfrey
    • Lady Gaga

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Now that you’ve got a clearer understanding of your passions, these videos, articles and printable guides are here to get you started. Learn how to overcome obstacles and begin living your best life.

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Dream of a happier, healthier you? We’ve got some suggestions to get your blood flowing and your thoughts organized. Build these five healthy habits into your day.


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Travel dreams and a desire to reduce your carbon footprint can actually go hand-in-hand. According to our resident sustainability expert, there are five simple things you can do to make more responsible decisions while acting on your wanderlust.

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