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American Family Insurance and The Green Bay Packers

Welcome, Packers fans! As the Official Insurance Partner of the Green Bay Packers, visit us here for exclusive promotions, content, announcements, news and more. At Lambeau Field, The American Family Insurance Gate on the stadium’s east side allows fans easy access to the Atrium, 1919 Kitchen & Tap, the Packers Pro Shop and the Packers Hall of Fame.
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Dream Draft Day Sweepstakes Presented by American Family Insurance

We want you to have the ultimate draft day in Detroit on April 25-27! Our winner will receive two (2) tickets to the 2024 draft, two-night hotel accommodation, a travel stipend and more!

2022 DreamDrive, Presented by American Family Insurance

Since 2014, American Family has proudly sponsored DreamDrive, the well-known tradition of players riding children’s bicycles to practice.

We're the Burkeland family, and we're at Lambeau Field today for DreamDrive. We've been coming to DreamDrive pretty much all our lives, getting autographs, going to practice that sort of thing. It really lit the fire for being Packer fans for life.

Today I'm gonna ride with David Bakhtiari.

Nice to meet you man, those are some sick gloves. Ready to roll?

We're cooking now.

Bryson, yea. Bryson, Woo!

Should we do it again, same time tomorrow?

It's just about, I'm going to cry. The family memories and having them experience everything that we were able to experience back in the day.

Dream fearlessly!

DreamDrive Sweepstakes

David Bakhtiari treated one lucky kid with the ultimate bike ride to training camp as part of American Family Insurance’s DreamDrive sweepstakes in 2022.
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American Family Insurance CFO, Dan Kelly, and local Green Bay insurance agents, Josh Lawrence and Joe Havel, kick off the start of DreamDrive with a ribbon cutting ceremony.
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Sometimes you end up switching seats and get to drive your favorite player over to practice.
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The pockets stay full of Packers and American Family Insurance goodies! We offered exclusive DreamDrive items to every fan who registered on-site.

The History of DreamDrive

Narrator: This is green bay. They have a football team. These are three people who know things. Here is what they know about the Dream Drive.

Tom Pigeon: You know there's no exact date I believe that it started in '57 when the packers moved out to the west side.

Mary Jane Herber: When they had the training camp in Stevens Point basically from '54 to '57 there was a distance between the college dorms and the stadium.

Frank Anderson: It could have begun in '55 it could have begun in '54. Nobody knows exactly when it began.

Tom Pigeon: Some of the kids yeah they get a relationship form with a player and I've heard stories where the kids invite them to their wedding so the relationship carries way beyond the years that they played with the Packers

Frank Anderson: It's all too historic. It's all too one of a kind. The Packers have nothing but one-of-a-kind experiences


A Packer Tradition

The American Family Insurance DreamDrive highlights a long-lasting Packers tradition. Go back in time with Packers fans and experts to learn about this iconic tradition, how it started and the impact it has on fans today.

David Bakhtiari, a Fearless Dreamer On & Off the Field

American Family is proud to partner with David Bakhtiari in 2022-2023.
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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Follow David Bakhtiari throughout the season for exclusive content and promotions.


David Bakhtiari: Dream job means to me a quick ride down to practice. No, I had a rider for a long time. His name was Ben and for him to kind of let me know "Hey I can't not be a rider this year I'm getting a job and then I'm also going off to college," that kind of really dawned on me, just this moment in time where I met him when he was a little kid wearing the shades down to practice on the bottom of jersey.

David Bakhtiari: And he'd give me a bike, hey try to get like a bigger bike from this be awesome. That dynamic I thought was very special and something that kind of bonded him and I and it's really cool to see you know him grow up. I think what makes the Packers and also the community just such a unique environment is how close we are. We're not owned by an owner it's always been this kind of family first and kind of inclusive environment and I think the Dream Drive shows that as a perfect example kids will line up starting in the early morning to give NFL football players a ride down to practice I think that right there kind of says it all.

David Bakhtiari Talks DreamDrive

David Bakhtiari reflects on his personal experience with DreamDrive and the impact it has on players and fans.

In the News

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Packers, American Family Insurance Celebrate Return of DreamDrive

The Green Bay Packers and American Family Insurance celebrated the official opening of the American Family Insurance DreamDrive training camp activity, which returned in its traditional format after a two-year hiatus.
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Packers, American Family Insurance Open DreamDrive for Seventh Year

While the annual event will not occur in its traditional sense in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the inaugural DreamDrive from Home will allow fans to still celebrate the beginning of the season.