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American Family Insurance Packers Fam Community

American Family Insurance Packers Fam Community

As a Packers fan, you know it’s about more than just sporting the signature green and gold. Cheering for the Packers is about being part of a family, and every family has its stories. Check out the exclusive Packers content below to hear and see the spirit that makes the Green Bay community what it is.

Our House. Our Team. Our Family.

The Ultimate Tailgate

James Pandl is a trained chef bringing gourmet eats to the tailgate. Watch to learn how this super fan turns his passion into a gift for the Green Bay community.

Back in the '60s, I used to watch the games every Sunday, since I was probably 7 or 8 years old, all black and white, it was very big in our family.

My parents had season tickets since the ‘50s, they went through the Lombardi era.

I took them over in 1992 so I went through the Favre era.

My game day routine starts 7 or 8 hours before the game.

I'm here 6 hours before the gates open and we get in line, to get in line.

It takes us about 40 minutes to get everything setup and the food going.

It looks like a lot of work but this is fun for me.

I host an international tailgate party every game, I've been doing it for 30 years, it's just who I am.

I have about 800 or 900 cookbooks at home.

I've been a culinary trained chef with a clientele in Hyde Park, New York.

I have 5 restaurants in New York City, so I know food.

I'm working off a 4 square foot space here, feeding 70 people at a little pizza oven and a grill, in a parking lot, in all different kinds of weather.

I have to take all of this into consideration when I'm putting the menu together.

When people think about Wisconsin, especially people coming in from out of town, they think about cheese and brats and beer and hotdogs and sausage.

I try to stay away from all of that and do something different for the people of Green Bay.

The rabbit, the shrimp, everything here today is not common in the Green Bay Area.

I do oysters and crab and shrimp and lobsters and we've done all kinds of different things through the years.

They appreciate what I'm doing and they enjoy the food.

This is my gift for the community of Green Bay.

I'm a fan of fans, I love when the people from opposing teams come and I can share the love and community of Green Bay with them and I get a lot of love back that way.

This is an experience here in Green Bay that you don't get anywhere else.

If you look around, there's hundreds of tailgaters here and they're all having a lot of fun.

Go Pack Go!

Feeding The Frozen Tundra

From chicken tenders to filet mignon, executive sous chef, Josh Swanson, can do it all! Go behind the scenes to find out what it takes to feed a stadium of loyal fans!

I used to come to a lot of games and enjoy tailgating outside and cooking food out there and now I'm cooking food in here And still enjoying the great environment with the fans and it's a crazy place to be to work everyday and come in here, you know, it's pretty hallowed ground.

So I actually started as a dishwasher, really enjoyed the culture and environment of the kitchen and the fast-paced work and just worked hard at it for a long time and here I am in Lambeau Field, you know, what more could I dream of?

So a game week for us starts at least 7 days out.

We start with preparing items, we start by purchasing items, we start by planning.

Typically, I'll look at seasonal ingredients and start to think of what's available, what's seasonal.

We make as much as we can in-house and we source a lot of the ingredients that we use in our cooking locally.

The most popular menu item at Lambeau Field, I'd have to say, is cheese curds.

For those who haven't had cheese curds, you're missing out.

They're just cheesy and delicious and ooey gooey and yummy.

Crispy outside and soft stretchy cheese inside.

I think we're definitely unique from other stadiums.

There's no experience in football like Lambeau Field.

We're routinely voted number 1 in the country, if not the world and we are driven to deliver any guest expectation.

Surf and turf, chicken tenders, we do it all.

On game days here, it's very high energy in the kitchen.

Everybody's excited to see the team come and play.

Everybody's excited to see the fans coming in in their green and gold or their throwbacks and they're all dressed up and everybody's really happy and excited to come here.

There's a lot of people who come from all over the country and all over the world.

I think that we're a very unique community, population of around 100,000 with the smallest city in the NFL and you can feel that when you're here.

People know each other and people say hello to each other.

I would say the Packers have been an integral part of the Green Bay community since the Packers formation in 1919.

They're the only fan-owned organization in the business.

It's the lifeblood of Green Bay in many ways.

When you're in Green Bay, you're part of Green Bay.

These players are part of the city, it's a wonderful thing to see.

I am Green Bay born and raised so I would definitely say that I am a fan for a long time.

Go Pack Go! Woooo!

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