OUR story
Our Story

What we do here makes a difference in peoples' lives. And the way we're doing it is changing the way people think about insurance.

We know how hard our customers work to achieve their dreams. That's why, for over 90 years, we've worked so hard to protect them.

Our Mission

To inspire, protect and restore your dreams. Because we believe a dream is the most valuable thing you'll ever own.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted and valued customer-driven insurance company. Since day one this has been our dedicated focus. And we're proud to say our vision has never been stronger.

  1. 1927 – Herman Wittwer launches Farmers Mutual Automobile Insurance Company on October 3rd in Madison, WI.
  2. 1930 – The company establishes the National Mutual Casualty Company, focused on protecting non-farmers.

    1933 – National Mutual and Farmer’s Mutual merge, and Farmer’s Mutual enters Minnesota.

    1935 – Farmers Mutual establishes the State Farm Mutual Insurance Company of Madison, Wisconsin, which quickly becomes the state’s fastest-growing windstorm company.

  3. 1948 –State Farm Mutual of Madison is renamed Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Wisconsin.
  4. 1957 – Farmers Mutual introduces sickness and accident insurance – and receives forty applications on the first day alone.

    1958 – The company introduces homeowners insurance and opens the highly successful American Family Life Insurance Company, which expands to ten states within the year.

    1959 – Farmers Mutual enters the age of the computer. The room-sized RAMAC 305 could process a week’s worth of applications and 1,000 renewal notices in just 2½ hours.

  5. 1963 – With one final name change, American Family Mutual Insurance Company, S.I. is born.

    1965 – The now-famous, oft-hummed and forever recognizable jingle is copyrighted by American Family.

  6. 1975 – American Family introduces Commercial Lines and becomes the fifth-largest mutual auto insurer.

    1977 – The company celebrates 50 years in business with 2.3 million policies and 2,360 agents.

  7. 1981 – American Family reaches a new milestone of financial strength, with assets surpassing $1 billion.

    1985 – The company establishes American Family Brokerage, Inc. to serve policyholders by finding insurers to cover hard-to-place risks.

    1987 – A centralized CAT program is developed, in order to efficiently help customers affected by catastrophic storms and disasters.

  8. 1992 – Policyholders’ surplus exceeds $1 billion. Construction of national headquarters is completed.

    1994 – American Family rolls out its one-of-a-kind catastrophe trailer.

  9. 2005 – American Family and the Green Bay Packers raise more than $1 million for breast cancer prevention, treatment and research through the sale of pink Packers caps.

    2007 – American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, celebrates its grand opening, with American Family serving as the lead donor.

  10. 2011 — American Family launches the "Dreams Protected" campaign, challenging people to reflect on the most valuable thing they can ever own — their dreams.

    2012 — American Family Insurance acquires the Nashville-based Permanent General Companies and other subsidiaries of the PGC Holdings Corp.

Our Values

Our commitment to you: To be innovative, caring, agile, trustworthy, transparent and passionate


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