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ATV Insurance From American Family

Your all-terrain vehicle is your off-road ticket to freedom and fun! Hit the trails knowing you have just the right protection — no matter what rugged adventures you find yourself on.

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Trail-Worthy ATV Insurance Coverage

ATV Damage Coverage

Blazing your own trail can come with the occasional bump in the road. But don’t get sidetracked by a setback. Our comprehensive and collision coverage helps protect against most accidental damage or loss to your ATV.

ATV Liability Coverage

Are you sure you’re fully covered? American Family’s ATV liability coverage helps protect you, and anyone operating your ATV with your permission, in the event of injury or property damage to others caused by your ATV.

Deductible Waiver

Did you forget to look behind you when you backed your ATV out of the garage? With our collision deductible waiver, you save money. If your ATV is damaged in a collision with one of your other vehicles insured by American Family, we’ll only apply the higher of the two deductibles, not both.

Additional ATV Coverage Options

Every ATV rider is unique. That’s why American Family provides several ATV coverage options, including uninsured and underinsured ATV coverage and medical expense coverage. (Additional coverage options vary by state.)

ATV Safety Apparel Coverage

Your gear is just as important as your ride. We cover the stuff that covers you, from your helmet to your boots.

ATV Customization Coverage

Your ATV was just the start. Whether it’s a plow, cargo box, gun rack, or other custom accessory, we make sure it’s all protected. Our customization coverage automatically includes protection for added items, with the flexibility of higher limits if you need them.

For more information see our ATV insurance FAQs.

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