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Boat Insurance For Every Adventurer

At American Family Insurance, we know it’s not just about protecting your watercraft; it’s about protecting your family, friends and freedom on the water. Hit the lakes with smart coverage and confidence knowing you have the support of your very own American Family Insurance agent – no matter where your dreams take you. Find your agent today.


Boat Insurance: Types of Coverage

We Protect Your Wallet 
We’re all human. If you cause an accident, our liability coverages help you pay for injuries, property damage, first aid, and court costs – so you can focus on keeping your dreams on track.

We Protect Your Watercraft
Whether it’s afloat, in transit or in storage, our physical damage coverages give you peace of mind that your watercraft, equipment and motor will be taken care of. In addition, policies with physical damage coverage also include:

  • Emergency Roadside and On-Water Service
  • Protective Repairs and Recovery Service

We Protect Your Well-Being
If you or your passengers get hurt in an accident, our medical coverages pay to get you better – no matter if you caused it or not. Think ambulance fees, hospital expenses, doctor visits, etc.

We Protect Your Equipment
Our policies include $3,000 of coverage for accessories that were not on the watercraft originally, but have been added – items like your hauling trailer, hoist, marine instruments, safety and life preserving equipment, water skis, electric trolling motors, and auxiliary outboard motors. 

We Protect Against Messes
Our fuel and oil spill cleanup coverage provides up to $10,000 per loss for fuel or oil spill cleanup from an accidental oil or fuel spill. The limit for this coverage in any 12 month policy period is $20,000.

Extra Coverage, Extra Peace of Mind

Cookie-cutter policy? No way. Discover our special, add-on coverage options that help you protect what matters most.

We Watch Out For Your Extras

This add-on to your policy protects you against the loss of items you use on your boat like fishing or diving equipment and clothing.*

We’re By Your Side With Repairs

Fair is fair. If your watercraft or property is damaged and you’re facing a partial loss, our Repair Cost Coverage allows you to repair your watercraft, motor or watercraft equipment, without a deduction for depreciation, up to your policy limits.*

This coverage is required in Minnesota.

We Protect Your Hull

If you’re facing a total covered loss to your watercraft, we’ll pay the agreed value hull limit determined when the coverages was first added. Agreed Value Hull Coverage automatically includes repair cost coverage for partial losses, too.*

We’ve Got Your Back

Our add-on Uninsured or Underinsured Watercraft coverage protects you and others for bodily injury if you’re in an accident caused by another watercraft whose owner/operator is uninsured or underinsured. 

For more information see our boat insurance FAQs.

 Mexico Boat Insurance

Planning a trip to Mexico with your boat in tow? Don’t forget to take Mexico boat insurance along as well.

Through American Family Brokerage, Inc., you can obtain $100,000 to $250,000 in liability coverage for most types of boats and jet skis, as well as $20,000 in legal assistance and bail bond coverage.

This policy does not cover physical damage for your boat.

Our Mexico watercraft policies are underwritten by ACE Seguros, an international insurance company in Mexico and around the world known for superior claims service.

Get a Mexico boat insurance quote.

*These add-ons may be subject to limitations.