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Power and Speed Boat Insurance

We want to ensure that you’re protecting your boat from the unexpected. That’s why we offer coverage that can be customized to you and all your water adventures. Get the right protection for your boat today.

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Power and Speed Boat Insurance

There’s nothing like heading out for a day on the water — and at American Family Insurance, we want to ensure that you’re protecting your boat from the unexpected. That’s why we offer power and speed boat coverage that can be customized to you and all your water adventures.

What Types of Power and Speed Boats are Covered?*

From motorboats to cuddy cabins, we’ve got the coverage you need to protect your big investments. Whether you’re looking for cigarette boat coverage to runabout insurance, know how important it is to have the right insurance — before you launch that boat into the water. Take a look at the common types of powerboats we insure:

  • Powerboats
  • Cruisers
  • Waterski and wake board boats
  • Bowriders
  • Jet boats
  • Cigarette boats
  • Speed boat
  • Runabout boats
  • Deck boats
  • Bass boats and fishing boats
  • Walkarounds
  • Pontoon boats
  • House boats
  • Bay boats
  • Cuddy cabins
  • Center consoles

How Much Is Speed Boat Insurance?

Just like cars, boats come in all shapes and sizes. And we use many of the rating characteristics (or factors) for building a boat insurance quote that we do for developing automobile insurance quotes. Although you may feel like you’re covered with cheap speed boat insurance, you may not be. It’s key to review the details and coverage limits before you sign. Power boat insurance costs are based off the following:

  • The address where you keep the boat
  • The value of your boat and trailer
  • Upgrades you’ve made to the boat or trailer

Power and Speed Boat Insurance Coverages*

American Family Insurance offers coverage for many different styles of speed and power boats, including bowriders, runabouts, ski or wakeboarding boats, cruisers and pontoon boats. Apart from your standard coverage options, like physical damage, bodily injury and property damage liability, and medical expense coverage, consider the following optional coverages for your power and speed boat to ensure you're protecting your boat and everything on it.

Watercraft equipment coverage

Covers accessories, equipment, devices, changes and enhancements made to your insured boat, other than those installed in the insured watercraft by the manufacturer as part of the original sale. A few examples include skis, wakeboards, wakesurf boards and other things intended to be pulled by a powerboat. This insurance also covers trolling motors and kicker motors that may be installed on the boat.

Personal effects coverage

We offer coverage up to $100,000 for personal effects, such as your eye glasses, clothing, cameras and portable electronics. This means if we cannot repair your damaged items, we will help cover the cost for new ones or a similar model. This coverage is available for purchase.

Towing and recovery

If you’re stranded on the water you might need a tow to get back to shore. This Emergency Roadside and on-water service is included with your physical damage portion of your policy. It includes:

  • Costs to change or repair a flat or damaged tire on the boat trailer
  • Mechanical labor or other service up to one hour at the place of the breakdown.
  • Towing by an authorized business to the nearest garage, marina, service station or other service point where necessary repairs can be made.
  • Delivery of gas, oil or loaned battery**
  • Repair cost: this coverage will help ensure your power or speed boat will be repaired without depreciation. So, we’ll pay what it costs to return your boat to its pre-accident condition or better.

Agreed value

You’ll want to have this coverage if you want to know exactly what you’ll be paid in the event of a total loss of your power or speed boat. You’ll send proof of the current market value of your boat and if you face a total loss, we’ll pay that amount.

Power and Speed Boat Insurance Limitations

Though we offer coverage for all kinds of power and speed boats, there are some limitations. We do not insure:

  • High-performance boats
  • Boats over 500HP with a single engine or 1000HP with twin engines
  • Boats equipped with more than two motors (other than kicker or trolling motors)
  • Ferro cement hull boats


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