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Condo Insurance

We believe your home isn’t just where you live — it’s how you live. It’s what makes our approach to condo insurance so special — with smart, customized coverage that protects the lifestyle you love, and the dreams you live for.

Discover the support of having your very own American Family Insurance agent — someone who works directly with your Condo Association to determine and fill coverage gaps to protect what matters most. Find your agent today.

Condo Insurance Coverage

Your home is filled with things that make it uniquely yours — from the artwork you carefully selected, to the perfect TV setup you’ve invested in. And that’s worth protecting.

While your condo association often has insurance to protect most of the structure, their coverage does not extend to your belongings. In addition, some condo association policies may not cover the entire structure. This is where we step in with surprisingly affordable options to get you back on your feet, should the unexpected happen.

Property protection. From fire to theft to water damage, our property coverage is designed to give you the peace of mind that your home, and the things inside, will be taken care of.

Liability protection. Accidents happen and, as a condo owner, you can be held liable. Our coverage can help provide financial protection against covered liability claims and lawsuits — so you can focus on your dreams, not the bumps along the way.

Added Coverage, Extra Peace of Mind

We believe you, and your condo, are unique. That’s why we provide special add-on coverage options. By building a policy just for you, our agents can better protect the dreams you’re pursuing.


Added property coverage. We protect your favorite possessions with next level protection for cherished items like wedding rings, fine art, heirlooms and equipment with the addition of special scheduled property coverage to your policy. This policy can even include identity theft protection.

Additional liability protection. Your situation may benefit from the addition of add-on liability coverage — like home day care insurance, office use coverage, or additional premises coverage.

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American Family Insurance goes above and beyond to give you the peace of mind you need to protect your dreams. Your American Family Insurance agent will work with you to identify what your condo association covers and what is your responsibility. Then, let’s discuss smart payment options and how that can lead to condo insurance discounts for you.

We’re always on your side and support your dreams with advice to help you better protect your property, belongings and family’s financial well-being. For more information see our condo insurance FAQs.

Protection Customized to Your Dreams

Trying to figure out what types of condo insurance coverage are smartest for you? An American Family Insurance agent is the perfect person to talk to. Find yours today.