personal umbrella liability

Bigger Dreams Deserve Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance

You’ve worked hard toward your dreams – a car, a home, spending time with the people you love.

But your dreams can be at risk if you’re in an accident, someone gets injured, and you are held liable, jeopardizing your assets and your future. If the resulting damages exceed your primary policy coverage, your dreams could be put on hold indefinitely.

That’s why you need personal umbrella liability insurance. It gives you a crucial extra layer of coverage to protect your hard-earned dreams – now and in the future. Let your American Family Insurance agent help you explore your options.

How Does Personal Umbrella Insurance Work?

Let’s say you’re driving and while turning right at an intersection, you accidentally hit a bicyclist on the road. You’re found liable for this accident with resulting damages of $1 million.

Fortunately, as a proactive protector, you’ve already got an American Family auto policy with liability protection up to $250,000 for this claim, plus you’ve got an extra layer of personal umbrella coverage up to $1 million. Your auto policy would cover the first $250,000, while your umbrella policy would take care of the remaining $750,000.

As a result, you’re able to take care of the damages from the accident, while keeping your hard-earned dreams secure and on track.

Who needs personal umbrella insurance? You do, especially if you:

  • Drive a car or participate in carpools
  • Own a home or rental properties
  • Have dogs
  • Travel
  • Own or use a boat, ATV, snowmobile, etc.
  • Have a swimming pool or trampoline
  • Coach youth sport teams

Want to get started with a personal umbrella liability policy? Talk to your agent  today or call us at 1-800-MYAMFAM.

What Does Personal Umbrella Insurance Cover?

With personal umbrella coverage, we’ve got your back. We’ll cover you, your spouse, anyone named on your policy, and any relative or dependent living with you.

If you’re liable for a covered accident, a personal umbrella policy covers:

  • The cost of medical care and expenses as a result of physical injury to others
  • Damage to others’ property
  • Claims of personal injury offenses such as violating someone’s privacy or defaming their character
  • Attorney’s fees 
  • Accidents that happen when you are travelling abroad

Questions? Your local agent is the perfect person to help. For more information, explore our umbrella FAQs or personal liability umbrella brochure.

Smart Decisions = Smart Savings

You deserve kudos for caring about what matters most and insuring with American Family Insurance.  Getting umbrella insurance is even smarter, too, and you may be able to get additional discounts. By adding an Umbrella you can bundle and save on your home insurance too!

*Discount availability and eligibility requirements vary by state and policy terms. See your American Family Insurance agent for complete details and eligibility guidelines.