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Grow and manage a virtual family while interacting with your social network.

It's all part of our new interactive game, iAMFAM, through which you can take care of a home, start a family and strive to be the happiest member of your community.

How It Works

The object of the game is to react to simulated life events and make decisions that will positively impact the physical and emotional well-being of your virtual family.

Points are awarded based on your family members' overall happiness. For example, your score increases with marriage, children and upgrading your home.

Through Facebook Connect, you can compare your scores with friends, visit their homes, exchange gifts and create a real online neighborhood.

A Touch of Reality

iAMFAM connects your real and virtual worlds by bringing your local weather conditions into the game.

So if it's storming outside, don't be surprised to see foul weather within iAMFAM as well.

And since storms sometimes produce property damage, you'll want to make sure you're properly covered.

Insure Your Happiness

Throughout the game, you'll be encouraged to purchase insurance for all parts of your growing household. This will enable you to repair random damages that occur as part of the game without paying out-of-pocket costs.

Policies purchased at the American Family Insurance Center increase happiness and provide a sense of security for virtual players' families.

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