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We’ve brought some of our favorite exhibits and resources from the DreamBank space online!

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A dream is not something you can accomplish overnight. It takes dedication, determination and support. And we’re here to guide you every step of the way. We’ll help you explore your passions, discover your potential, learn from fellow dreamers and provide tactical tools and resources to help you pursue your dream with confidence.

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We're bringing our interactive exhibits and signature DreamBank tools online to help you pursue your dreams, no matter where you are.



It can be hard to imagine achieving your dream. But a good way to start can be by making a solid plan and building out action steps. Use our Blueprint Worksheet from our Build Your Dream exhibit to create a clear plan and track your milestones!

Download PDF Worksheet >

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Build Your Dream Journal

Download this interactive journal to utilize tactical tools and activities to help you achieve your dream. We’ve broken it down into three simple steps: Discover, Define, Build. Already amidst your dream pursuit? This journal will help you take a step back and see your dream in a whole new light by breaking it down, asking critical questions and allowing you the chance to see your dream from a new perspective.

Download Journal >

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Make Time for Your Dream

Do you feel that there are not enough hours in the day to pursue your dream? This will help you find the time!

Download PDF Worksheet >

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Gratitude Journal Cover

Gratitude Journal

Did you know? Practicing gratitude increases positivity, reduces stress and helps improve self-esteem – and it doesn’t take long! Just a brief moment in your day is enough to acknowledge the people and things that you appreciate. This journal will help guide your gratitude practice and keep small moments of positivity and appreciation at the top of your mind.

Download Gratitude Journal >

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Online Events & Videos to Inspire Your Dream

Finding Hope During Challenging Times with Dr. Shilagh Mirgain

Now more than ever, the world is calling on dreamers to hold onto the light of hope. Dr. Shilagh Mirgain, a distinguished psychologist at UW Health, will explore how to navigate creating a new normal to adapt and stay creative during challenging times. She’ll share powerful practices to tap into inner strength, resilience and intuition to be the calm during any storm.

Watch Now >

Diversity and Inclusion: Measuring the Impact with Deborah Biddle

Join Deborah Biddle to learn about diversity and inclusion metrics you can use to identify risk areas, prioritize initiatives, set targets and program goals, assign accountability, and measure the impact of initiatives in your organization.

Watch Now >

Making Time for What Matters with John Zeratsky

Join us for Making Time for What Matters with author John Zeratsky, a simple framework that helps individuals and teams focus on the work that matters every day.

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Articles to Support Your Dream

Six Ways to Jump Start Your Dream

Sometimes, we need a little extra push to take that first step towards pursuing a dream. We have six ways to get your dreams off to a great start!

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Awaken Your Inner Change Agent

Are you looking to make a positive change in your life? It starts by awakening your inner change agent. Here's how to do it.

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Simple Ways to Give Your Brain a Break

While pursuing your dream takes dedication and hard work, it also takes giving yourself a break. Here are 7 healthy ways to give your brain a break.

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