3 Shortcuts to Organizing Your Garage

The garage is often a neglected area of the home, used for parking and storing mountains of forgotten treasures. But there’s so much potential in a garage for building a space tailored to building your dreams. You just have to find it buried beneath the clutter and oil stains. Start with these simple organization tips to open up the space and the possibilities.

Clear Clutter

It’s hard to organize when you’re not even sure what you’re organizing. Go through your garage and separate what you plan to keep from what can be tossed or sold. This is where a good old fashioned garage sale can work wonders. You wouldn’t have to do much. Just open up the door, and let curious customers do the hard work for you.

Divide and Conquer

Now that your space has space, determine what you’ll use it for. Maybe a man cave, or a multi-purpose room with a crafting station, a photography station and a home gym. Or maybe you’ll simply use it for parking, not for your everyday car, but for that classic car you’ve been dreaming of restoring. Whatever hobbies may unfurl in your now clutter-free garage, start by zoning the space based on what you’ll use it for, so you can make the most of it.

Stack and Store

Speaking of making the most of the space, how you utilize storage will make a big difference. Storage is important in every stage of this process, from clearing the space to actually using it. Try some of these suggestions for a better organized and functional garage.

Know what’s what. When packing items into boxes and bins, it’s a good idea to label the outside of the containers to make finding things convenient in the future. Labeling drawers, jars and canisters is also a time saver.

Don’t have it? DIY it. If your garage doesn’t already have storage built in, install your own cabinetry and shelving. A simple board of lumber can go a long way. If actual installation doesn’t seem achievable, purchase durable portable cabinets and shelves from almost any hardware store. This will allow you to bring in as much or as little storage as you want and need.

Up, up and away. Utilize more than just floor space. Overhead racks are shelves that hang from the ceiling and hold a variety of things, including storage bins and boxes. Use brackets and hooks to mount bikes and other sports equipment to the wall or ceiling. Hang tools, cords, holiday lights and other tabletop and drawer clutter from a pegboard on the wall. Storing from the ground up will create additional room for your activities.

Round up and repurpose. Consider reusing things from around the house, or better yet, items you found in your garage while decluttering. Use screws to fix the lids of old jars underneath cabinets so the jars are floating. This is a great place to store small items like nails, tacks and buttons, and keep shelves and tabletops clear. The compartments of a hanging shoe rack are good for organizing tools or art supplies. A sturdy paper towel holder can make it easy to dispense items like heavy-duty trash bags, or spools of ribbon or tape. Old cans, door knobs and rods can also be useful.

Once you’ve organized, bring in furniture and art work to give your new workshop or studio an added personal touch and complete functionality. It won’t be long before the garage is your new favorite room in, or outside, the house.

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