Garage Sale Safety


Looking to clear out the clutter? Hosting a rummage sale is a perfect (and fun) way to do it! However, it’s important to keep your family and your customers safe while shopping at your home. Read up on these simple tips to keep your yard sale safe, so you can focus on selling your goods.

Lock Up: Be sure to lock any doors that lead to your house, including doors that might lead to your basement from your garage.

Keep Watch: Keep kids and pets out from underfoot by corralling them in the lawn. That way they won’t be tripped over by your customers.

Have Backup: It’s important to never leave your sale unattended. In case you need to break, employ backup to watch over while you grab a snack or run to the bathroom.

Stay Cool: When you’re spending long hours outdoors, it’s a good idea to stay in the shade, wear sunscreen and stay hydrated in order to avoid dehydration and overheating.

No Strangers: Instead of letting customers use your bathroom, direct them to the nearest gas station or store.

Keep Cash Close: Instead of keeping a cash box, consider an apron or fanny pack. That way it can’t walk off when you’re not looking.

Organize With Care: Be mindful of how you arrange your goods. Never place heavy items in locations they can topple over and keep items out of the way so people don’t trip.

Now that you’ve got the tools to keep you and customers safe, have fun making room for new memories, and bit of extra cash!

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