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Bedroom Safety For Babies

It’s where bedtime stories are read and stuffed animals are snuggled. Where night lights glow and love grows. Make your child’s bedroom safe and happy with these tips:

The Crib & Bed

  • Use cribs with:
    1. Slats less than 2-3/8 inches apart
    2. Headboards and footboards without large cut-outs
    3. Mattresses that fit snugly in the frame.
  • Keep crib side rails up.
  • Keep soft pillows or large stuffed animals out of beds.

The Room

  • Install window blinds that don’t have cords and put window guards on any windows that aren’t an emergency exit.
  • Keep night lights from touching flammable objects such as curtains or mattresses.
  • Install safety plugs in unused electrical outlets.

The Decor

  • Only use painted furniture from 1978 or later to avoid exposure to lead paint.
  • Secure furniture to walls to keep it from tipping over. Keep it away from sources of heat
  • Cushion all sharp edges or corners on furniture or cabinets.
  • Put dampening hinges on toy chests.
  • Remove strings or ribbons from hanging mobiles, crib toys and crib bumpers to eliminate choking hazards.

Last tip for a happy bedtime? Dress your child in flame-retardant sleepwear and clothes that don’t have drawstrings.

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