Common Myths About Renters Insurance

Learn the truth about these five common renters insurance myths and discover how getting a policy can help protect what matters most to you — in ways you might not expect!

Myth 1: My landlord will replace my things if they’re stolen or damaged.

Truth: It’s likely that their insurance only covers the building, not what’s inside. Having your own renters policy gives you peace of mind that your things will be protected no matter what.

Myth 2: Renters insurance is too expensive!

Truth: Renters insurance coverage isn’t as much as you’d think. Actually, most policies cost less than buying a specialty cup of coffee every week! Read more here on the affordability of renters insurance. In fact, you may even qualify for a discount!

Myth 3: My stuff isn’t worth that much, so why get insurance?

Truth: Your things add up quickly! Think about it, if the unexpected were to happen, do you have the funds to replace everything you own? Renters insurance can help with that. Take the worry out of the unexpected.

Myth 4: My roommate has renters insurance, so I’m already covered.

Truth: Though you and your roommate might share milk and bananas, their policy typically only covers their things, not yours. Plus, having your own policy means getting customized protection that’s right for you! Get the 411 on roommates and renters insurance, and read up on why you should have renters insurance in college.

Myth 5: Renters insurance only covers my personal belongings.

Truth: Actually, a renters policy is so much more than that! Think liability and medical coverage, property damage and loss of use protection.

No matter what life throws your way, your renters policy will have your back. Connect with your American Family agent and find out how renters insurance can benefit you.

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