Get a Better Home Inspector

Unless you’re a DIY veteran, the home inspector you hire will be the person who introduces you to many of your home’s less obvious features. Their home inspection expertise can go a long way in giving you confidence prior to buying and moving in.

The Best Inspector
Talking to neighbors, friends and especially your real estate agent are good first moves. Checking with the American Society of Home Inspectors is a smart idea too. Taking the time to interview your inspector can help you establish rapport and find out who has experience with homes in your neighborhood.

New Can Fool You
"They don’t build homes like they used to" can be good or bad. Taking the builder at their word is not a recommended gamble, so making sure your inspector has no business ties to your builder or any others will help impartiality win.

Inspect the Inspection
Because home inspectors provide a report when the inspection is done, many people don’t bother going to the inspection. Being there lets the inspector show you what they find and how relevant any issue might be. Attending the inspection also makes sure the process is thorough.

Asking Questions Gives You Answers
Having a home inspector scrutinize plumbing, structural and electrical systems, as well as everything else from the kitchen to the garage, can be an invaluable way to get to know your new home. 

When It Comes To Mold, Ask For The Check
Mold containment and cleanup can be expensive. If you don’t know the problem exists, the health impacts can be severe. Checking and double-checking make sense in the short and long term.

Put Water To The Test
Having your water tested can reveal a lot about the condition of your pipes and alert you to arsenic, lead or radon exposure in the house. 

Want to head into the inspection armed with the knowledge of everything your inspector should be covering? Keep our Home Inspection Checklist handy and you’ll be ready for anything!


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