Home Hibernation Checklist

When you pack up your vacation home for the season, you want it exactly how you left it when you return. With just a little bit of planning, you can be confident that you’ve taken the right steps to protect it while you’re away. 


To keep your vacation home in happy hibernation over the winter, use this helpful cold climate checklist.


Wrapping Pipes

Wrapping exposed pipes with insulation or heating tape will prevent them from freezing and breaking while you’re away.



Putting RV antifreeze in toilet tanks and bowls will keep your bathroom pipes freeze-free. (Standard automotive antifreeze is too toxic for plumbing.)



Draining water lines before turning them off will help you avoid frozen pipes. Draining and disconnecting your hot water heater before turning it off will also help prevent major headaches next season.


Windless Windows

Consider installing storm windows or use insulator kits on older window to keep frigid air out of your vacation home. Sealing air leaks around windows will also help tremendously.



Removing hoses from outside faucets, draining and storing them will keep your hoses damage-free for next season.


Furnace Friendly

If your furnace relies on fuel oil, checking to make sure your tank is full or is on scheduled maintenance will keep you from losing heat when you need it.


Alarm System

By installing an alarm, you can get alerted if the heat in your second home drops below a certain temperature.


Checking these tasks off your list when you close your vacation home at season’s end will make for a surprise-free return next season!

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