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The Many Benefits of Home Security Cameras

Updated November 22, 2021 . AmFam Team

If you’re looking to make your home safer, think home security cameras. There are many reasons to invest in security cameras when making a home security system purchase. Take a look at the benefits learn why these cameras are making homes and neighborhoods safer every day.

With all of the new tech available for homeowners, now’s a great time to upgrade your home security hardware. By picking up a few home security cameras, you’ll be doing your home a number of favors.

The average cost of a home invasion averages around $2,000 in stolen goods and property damage. But did you know that, in the long run, it’s less expensive to purchase a home alarm system? When you factor in the invasive nature of a burglary, it’s an even smaller price to pay. Better still, because alarm systems halt thieves in their tracks, you may not feel the need to move after a break-in event.

The cost of a professionally installed and monitored home security system can translate into feeling more secure when you’re home. And while you’re away, the benefits of home security cameras will help you feel better — knowing that everything you’ve worked so hard for is better protected.

Home Security Cameras Decrease Local Crime Rates

Consider how the video doorbell is connected directly to your phone and allows you to answer the door and screen visitors while you’re away. The perpetrator, whose identity is now captured, will realize that your home is being monitored.

Prowlers who attempt to break in through back yards and garages can also be deterred. Motion sensing outdoor cameras begin recording when security lights turn on, adding another layer of protection to your home. The threat of prosecution is much greater when cameras are present, so thieves will likely seek easier targets in other neighborhoods.

American Family Offers Discounts for Smart Home Security Systems

One real financial benefit of installing a monitored home security system is the discount you’ll get on your homeowners insurance. As an insurance company, our partnership with Frontpoint benefits everyone. Plus, smart homes offer smarter protection.

Install a home security system and secure savings. Adding a security system has been known to reduce insurance claims and we want to pass that savings on to you.

Bundling can save you even more. When you bundle your insurance products with American Family, you may qualify for even more savings.

Industry leading customer service. Built to be user friendly from installation to updating software, Frontpoint’s industry-leading customer support staff is available to answer any questions.

Surveillance cameras are connected to the cloud. Frontpoint now offers low light, video motion-detecting security cameras for use with their web-enabled security systems. Their touchscreen control panels are easy to use and help you keep your security system organized. Their cellular monitoring feature helps to thwart thieves that cut phone lines. Images and video surveillance captured by the cameras are saved to the cloud and they can be live-streamed to your mobile device.

Sensors and detectors are available. Additional home monitoring and security systems help to round out the Frontpoint advantage. Smoke, carbon monoxide and heat sensors can be programmed to contact first responders when danger is sensed. Frontpoint’s flood sensors send you early warning of leaks and issues so you’ll be able to respond quickly.

Energy-saving home automation can reduce your electrical consumption. Reduce your electric bills by automating your home’s use of lighting, heating and air conditioning. Once your web-enabled appliances are hooked up to Frontpoint, you’ll be able to manage your utility usage from the convenience of your smartphone.

Home Security Camera Systems Monitor Kids & the Elderly

Many parents have babysitters and nannies watch their children while they’re away. These security cameras can keep you informed of what’s happening at home. Even when you’re out of town, you’ll be able to check in with your smartphone and see how things are going.

And you’ll also find more comfort knowing that your loved one is safe. If a home health nurse is caring for an elderly family member, and if an emergency should happen, the home security system will summon first responders with the push of a button.

Check in on Your Pets With Home Monitoring Cameras

With security cameras installed around your property, you’ll also be able to check in on your pets. This can be a real comfort if your pet recently underwent surgery or is rehabilitating from an injury.

On the lighter side, you’ll be able to laugh with your friends at how goofy your pets are. And you’ll know when they’re making a mess out of the garbage in the kitchen, too.

Your Security Camera Will Be Helping Police Fight Crime

Newer security systems offer live video feed from security cameras directly to local police departments. And better still, apps that hook into these systems can alert neighbors to prowlers and break-ins nearby. Often, actual video footage of an alleged perpetrator is embedded into the alert which can help communities look out for one another.

Crime rates plummet in areas with home video surveillance. Police have begun to endorse the use of doorbell security cameras, stating that a decrease in crime rates is directly related to homeowner’s use of security cameras.

Protect your valuables with great tech. With reduced crime rates in areas where these cameras are present, everything you’ve worked so hard for will be safer. Packages delivered and left on front porches are less likely to be stolen. And when home security cameras and front door doorbells are readily visible from the street, neighborhood crime rates drop.

Talk to Your Insurance Agent About Savings & Discounts

While you’re making important adjustments to your home security systems, be sure to check in with your insurance agent first. Investments in your home's security can actually save you money on homeowners insurance.

You’ll also find being connected to your home offers real peace of mind — and these smart additions to your home make it safer too.

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