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How Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Moving?

Updated January 1, 1 . AmFam Team

How are your belongings are covered when they’re in the moving truck? Find out with the ways your homeowners coverage protects your things in transit — with American Family.

Have you recently found a new place to live? First off, congrats! If you’re going to be moving soon, you’ve probably found yourself pulled many different directions. In addition to preparing for the move, you’re probably working on closing on the new place and taking time off work — and to top it off, you may have upgrades at your new home to manage.

As the move-in date nears, all that initial excitement can fade quickly as the big job of relocating your personal possessions comes into focus. With all your worldly possessions traveling in a moving truck soon, do you know if they’re protected by the moving company?

Does home insurance cover your personal possessions in transit? The short answer: it depends on how and where the damage happened, and on the homeowners coverage you currently have.

To be sure you’re protected for the big move ahead, let’s look at how your homeowners policy covers your things when they’re in transit.

Review Your Homeowners Policy Before Moving

With all your memories, cherished possessions and items you saved up for in the hands of your movers, it’s important to know that you’ve done all you can protect your things. That’s why a quick call to your American Family Insurance agent (Opens in a new tab) can help put your mind at ease during this transition. They’ll get you the details you need on how your policies protect your things so you can focus on the next big chapter of your life.

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