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Host The Best Holiday Party

The holidays are just around the corner, and so is your famous shindig! Every year friends and family look forward to your delicious cookies, beautiful decorations and entertaining festivities. Keep up your reputation of throwing the best party on the block with a few simple to-dos:

Bedazzle with a buddy. The glitz and glam of decorations add something special to the holidays, but stringing up lights can be a balancing act. Pick a sturdy ladder and have a reliable spotter look after you. When it comes to ornaments and trinkets, be sure to avoid those that are sharp, breakable, flammable, or potentially harmful to young children and pets.

Expand the kids table. With all the distraction of holiday gatherings, it’s nearly impossible to keep an eye on kids 24-7. Designate a play area for them with games, toys and kid-friendly snacks that is free of candles, alcoholic beverages or any potentially dangerous items such as poinsettias (did you know they are poisonous if eaten?) or heavy stocking holders that could fall from ledges. If you have any decorations that look like candy, explain to them that the real goodies are in the kitchen, not on the tree!

Sharpen your kitchen smarts. The kitchen is the heart of the party, and guests flock to it for holiday treats. Make sure you’re keeping the stovetop and oven clean, closely watching your dishes and not wearing loose fitting clothing that could catch flame.

Save ice skating for the rink. Ice skating is a great winter pastime, but not when your guests aren’t prepared. Before the festivities begin, shovel walkways and put down salt to keep the party from slipping out of control.

Check on your chauffeurs. Your party was a blast, but some of your guests shouldn’t drive home. Be a part of keeping the roads safe by making arrangements for your partygoers ahead of time. Keep the numbers of local cab companies handy, or establish designated drivers at the beginning of the festivities.

All done? Nice work! Sounds like it’s time to kick back and wait for your guests to arrive — and steal a well-deserved cookie or two.


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