Post-Move Checklist

Welcome to your new home! Whether it’s the house you’ve always dreamed of buying or a stepping stone to your next adventure, don’t let unpacking slow you down as you make your house your home. You can get settled in more quickly with help from this checklist.  Remember, friends and family can help!

Day one:

  • Before you get too busy – especially if you have family and friends helping – pick up or order lunch and beverages to make sure everyone is fed and fueled.
  • Clean your new home’s floors, walls and windows. Once new furnishings go in, it’s hard to catch up on this one.
  • Wipe down furniture before it goes inside.
  • Make sure movers put the furniture where you want it, and have them stack boxes along one wall in the appropriate room.
  • Wipe out refrigerators and the pantry, then unpack the food. Wipe out coolers and store them so they’re not in your way.
  • Clean up as you go. Use one large plastic bag to collect recyclable packing materials and a second bag for trash.
  • Make beds and unpack bathrooms next. Showering and sleeping at the end of the day will help you feel grounded and rested.

      Hint: To help your kids feel at home more quickly, get them involved in unpacking.

  • Line the shelves in your kitchen and unpack your silverware, dishes, glasses and pots and pans.
  • Find trash cans for your kitchen and bathrooms and put trash bags in them so they’re ready to use. 
  • Locate the fire extinguishers and review the new fire escape plan with your family.

Day two:

  • Get the kitchen, living room and dining room unpacked and arranged to provide a sense of stability in the heart of your home.
  • Set up your computer, televisions, telephones and security systems, if you haven’t already.
  • Take a walk and get a sense of your new neighborhood. Scout out the closest grocery store and pharmacy.
  • Replace the locks, if you feel it’s needed.

Week one:

  • Set up a tour of your children’s new school. Help them feel more comfortable by meeting teachers, finding the library, gym, and school office. Determine start times and, if applicable, the bus they need to take.
  • Hang window coverings.
  • Unpack boxes with fragile items so you can rest assured nothing is broken – and file a timely claim if something didn’t make the trip in one piece.
  • Get a library card, licenses for pets, and register for voting.
  • Update the address on your driver’s license.
  • Mow the lawn and assess the outside of your home for any needed upkeep, especially if it’s been vacant for a while.
  • Make a list of any home repairs that need to be tackled in the next month or so.

Week Two:

  • Finish unpacking.  
  • Hang pictures and photos.
  • Get rid of empty boxes.

Hint: Use social media. People are always on the hunt for boxes.

  • Organize your garage.
  • Make a list to help you and your children get started developing your new routine.

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