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Safety Starts With a Smart Home Security System

Your home is your castle and it plays a big role in your life. Protect it, keeping it safe and secure with a smart home security system. They’re more convenient, capable and easier to use than they’ve ever been. And here’s the best part: we reward smart behavior! You can qualify for discount on your homeowners premium with the installation of a qualifying home security system, and if the system is smart home enabled, you may get an additional discount. Find out more about WiFi enabled home devices in our Smart Home, Smart Choice article. It’s ok if you’re not sure where to start — that’s where we come in. Take a look at how this new tech can give you that extra piece of mind.

Custom Design Your Home Security System

Many systems now integrate directly with your smart phone giving you real-time feedback on the status of your home. You can remotely arm, disarm and monitor your home security camera feed and check in on your place no matter where you are.

Local authorities and private security groups respond to automated alarms according to their own policies. Typical home security systems have a central monitoring station that calls you at a pre-determined number when an alarm is triggered. The operator calls to gather information and contact 911 for you if it’s a legitimate alarm. If it’s a false alarm, you can tell them to disregard the notice. Here’s a sampling of why alarms can really pay off.

Our Partnership With Frontpoint

We're always looking for new ways to help protect you. So we've teamed up with Frontpoint to bring you technology that'll make your home safer and smarter! Frontpoint protects your home against more than just burglary. It also offers protection for "Environmental" factors, meaning the system has sensors that help guard against hazards in the environment, such as freezing temperatures (which lead to burst pipes), water leaks or floods, and carbon monoxide (CO). And of course your home will be protected against fire too.

A similar group that’s getting a lot of attention is the Ring Alarm home security system which offers many of the same features and protection as Frontpoint. One new idea Ring has introduced is Neighborhood, a community connection app that will notify you if other Ring systems sound an alarm in your area or when police respond to calls in your neighborhood. Real-time crime and safety alerts keep you informed of situations that you may otherwise never know about. The advantage here is that you’ll potentially get details about a crime spree while it’s underway where you can take measures to protect your home.

Security Systems Monitor 24/7

Fire and smoke sensors are now connected to monitoring systems, which means you don’t need to be home to hear a smoke alarm or call the fire department––the security group will immediately alert emergency services, saving precious time. When no one is home, fires typically burn for several minutes before neighbors notice smoke or flames. That’s enough time for a house to be fully engulfed in flames. With early warning systems like these, you can rest a little easier when you’re away.

Monitoring companies will also notify 911 in the event of a health-related emergency. Wearable medical panic buttons are an option for seniors or those at risk while home alone, and family members can be alerted if an emergency notification is triggered.

Dogs and cats welcome. Older security system motion sensors were often fooled into triggering an alarm by larger pets — but that’s not the case anymore! Today, sensors are smarter and can be set to accommodate many motion sensing scenarios, including a pet-friendly mode.

Older homes are easily integrated. Some believe that new construction accommodates alarm systems better than older buildings. Newer homes may be designed and built with a home security system in mind, but a door, however old, is still a door. And so is a window. Sensing systems work the same way on both new and old homes, and today’s systems can be mounted to almost any piece of architecture, no matter the age. Systems like Frontpoint offer a few distinct advantages in that they’re so DIY-friendly you can install them yourself and they’re portable — you’re easily able to bring them with when you move. Protecting your investment has never been easier.

Upgraded Security

Now available with wireless connectivity to local cell networks, thwarting an alarm isn’t as easy today. Some home monitoring systems are offering “crash and smash protection” which can defend you when a thief decides to destroy your control panel. Unless you signal "all's clear," the monitoring team takes action, sending help.This affords a secure, wireless option in addition to traditional wired plans.

Worth the price of admission. Many people are wary of the cost of an alarm system, thinking the installation plus monthly contract fee won’t fit their budget. While home security systems can get costly, today’s alarm technology has increased in efficiency and decreased in price. Given how much is at stake, that up-front investment and a monthly service plan will seem like a bargain! Home security systems can provide peace of mind in knowing the things you value most are protected when you’re home and when you’re away.

Now trending.People install security systems in their homes because they work. American Family offers a premium discount for active-contract alarm systems because we know they make your home a safer place, and we want to reward you for taking that extra step getting the protection you deserve. Monitoring groups frequently provide a sign, posted squarely in view at the front of your home. Believe it or not, that alone has been proven to deter prowlers. Here’s another huge benefit: wirelessly connected systems will work even if the power goes out. Knowing your home is fortified with an alarm can make your place a less appealing target, and that’s a pretty popular idea.

Sleek, efficient design options. Unlike the bulky and frequently hard-to-learn systems of the past, modern alarm systems are designed to be attractive as well as functional. A full color touch pad adds elegance to the design, too. IP-based home monitoring systems are so easy to use, homeowners can install and activate their monitoring contract right through their in-home broadband service. And they’re saving on the labor costs, too. Low profile components don’t attract attention and even exterior cameras that can pan and zoom on demand are housed inside discrete plastic domes.

Now that you’ve taken the first steps to protect what matters most, contact an American Family Insurance agent and request a review of your policy. Protect yourself and your home from the unexpected with customized coverage that fits your needs.

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